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Maruti Suzuki A-Star Review

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Maruti Suzuki A-Star Get access to the best users reviews on Mauti Suzuki A- Star. Explore the qualities and drawbacks of Maruti A Star. Take experts advice on A Star car.

  • Maruti Suzuki A- Star is another masterpiece from Maruti Udyog in low engine hatchback cars. Recapturing the middle class market of Maruti 800, Maruti A- Star is a very good performance and stylish car. Apart from its fuel efficiency its stability at high speed of 120 kmph is the most noticeable feature. The Aerodynamic shape is so accurate that makes you have a feel of sailing in air. The expertise of Maruti engineers in spoken very loudly by Maruti Suzuki A Star.
  • I owned a Maruti 800 for 15 years. The reliability and affection which my Maruti 800 offered was simply superb. As an alternative, I feel A- Star is an excellent option. Maruti A-STAR gives the feel of a jet. The pink illumination on the dashboard looks like the jet's wings and the air con vents at either ends appear to be the aircraft's engines. The sporty gear lever is stubby all over the place as do the aluminum pedals. The cockpit is bound to get you spellbound. A best buy car for cruiser category.
  • Jatin Chawla
  • Maruti Suzuki A- Star has very weak features. The plastic quality of interiors is pathetic and outdated. The tachometer is very tacky. It isn't even aligned straight. Space is another big problem. This is essentially a car for 2 adults and 2 kids. More of a family car that too of a family of four.
  • Raj Kaushik
  • I had a bretah taking experience of driving mu cousin's Maruti A- Star from Delhi to Agra and I am simply deaded with the horiible drive. Acceleration is quite poor. The1000 cc engine fails miserably. The car is not solid and grounded and the handling above 80 km/hr is just terrible. The turns seem dangerous at that speed . You are really on the confidence of the ABS and the Airbags and the God you believe in.
  • Anurag Sisodia

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