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Toyota Corolla Review

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Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla complete Review Guide. Have the experts opinion on Corolla's performance and reliability. Browse the positives and negatives of the car. Also, read the users experience of Toyota Corolla.

  • Toyota Corolla is the ultimate luxury on road. The luxury car from Toyota is simply superb and an unmatched rival for other cars in its category. Corolla has latest gadgets and features like plug your ipod and charge your phone. The AC is automatic, nice and cool giving a regulated breathe. All in all, its more comfortable than home, you will just feel like spending your days in Corolla.
    Pankaj Vasisht
  • I own a Toyota Corolla and I am absolutely mesmerized with this exceptional package of style, comfort, luxury and performance. The powerful 1.8-liter engine offers more horsepower. It's noticeably quieter which gives Corolla an edge over its rivals. The four-cylinder engines long, flat torque curves and the cars intended mission in life has an adequate four-speed automatic transmission. With improved sound insulation and a soft ride, the Corolla is truly the Luxury on Road car.
  • Vivek
  • Toyota Corolla is the real example of luxury. The interior of Corolla are clean and simple with many ergonomic features. The whiteface gauges are cleverly backlit at night with a bluish-white look. This makes it an excellent night rider as night vision is not lost at all. A fantastic car offering power, style and class. Drive Corolla and i bet you will have a princely feel.
  • Anurag
  • Toyota Corolla has some major flaws in its lower models. This is a real disappointment from Toyota. Nobody can put his money on a luxury car of such high cost and still end uo wishing for more. Corolla has a shabby handling in lower models. This is a major factor giving Corolla a backseat against the cars in its segment.
  • Manohar
  • I own a Toyota Corolla and I want to experience with you. The back seat of Corolla is not much spacious. Providing luxury can't be a matter for drivers only. I bought a luxury Toyota Corolla for my comforts, not for my drivers only. Toyota engineers should make a better seating arrangement at the back. Keep this in mind before going for Toyota Corolla.
  • Rohit

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