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Bandi Chorrh Divas

Bandi Chorrh Divas


Bandi Chorrh Divas or "Divali" means " release of the detainees". Sikhs celebrate "Bandi Chorrh Divas" to mark the return of sixth Guru from detention in the Gwalior Fort. Bandi Chorrh Divas coincides with Hindu festival of Diwali. 3rd November 2013 would be observed as 'Bandi Chorr Divas'.


The sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib was imprisoned by Emperor Jahangir because he seem to be afraid of the Guru's growing following and power. The sixth Guru Nanak had agreed to his own release on the condition that the other fifty-two detainees would also be released. He was therefore known as the " Bandi Chorrh". He arrived at Amritsar on the day of Diwali and the Golden Temple was also was lit with hundreds of lamps. Thereafter day came to be known as the "Bandi Chhor Divas" (the day of freedom).

Celebration Of Bandi Chorrh Divas

On the occassion of Bandi Chorrh Divas, Sikhs observe a one-day celebrations in the Gurdwaras. In the evening, illuminations are lighted with Deew (earthen oil lamps) or candles and fireworks are also bursted. Such celebrations are held both in the Gurdwaras and in homes.