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Gurgaon is the millennium city of India with ample opportunities in the industrial and financial sector. It is an attractive tourist destination in the NCR region. If you are looking for a perfect hotel or resort for your stay in Gurgaon, SurfIndia will help you out to find the best hotel in Gurgaon within your budget. You can explore the site for abundant options available for hotels & resorts in Gurgaon, ranging from a low-budget stay hotel to luxurious hotels or resorts. SurfIndia will help you plan everything so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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Hotels & Resorts services in Gurgaon

SurfIndia is an online portal listing genuine service providers who have experience in the hotel management sector. The staff of the hotels & resorts is well-known for their guest hospitality. They will provide you safe and secure stay at reasonable prices so you can have fun on your vacations along with a comfortable stay. If you want a low-cost stay or a luxurious stay with swimming pools, gym, excellent dining area, and stunning interior. You have to visit the site of SurfIndia and book the most desirable hotel at the comfort of your home.

Factors affecting the cost of the hotel-

1. Location of the hotel- Location is an essential factor that decides the charge of the hotel. Visitors prefer the location that is closer to the tourist places. Hence, the hotels near this location will usually charge more than the hotels located quite far away. Also, during the peak season, the hotel further raises its charges as there are more visitors.

2. Services offered by the hotel- The hotels that offer luxurious facilities like a swimming pool, gym facility, bar, dining area, restaurants, etc., will charge you more as a lot of maintenance and staff is required for maintenance. If you want extra room services like food delivery and laundry, the hotel staff will charge you a little extra.

3. Cleanliness- The hotels that maintain high-quality cleanliness will have more room charges as maintaining the rooms also costs a lot. So, the hotels with standard and clean rooms will have a higher price.

4. Type of room- The price of the hotels also depends on the amenities you want along with space; for example, an AC room will have a higher price compared to a non AC room. A room with luxurious facilities like a bathtub, attractive interior, and ample space will be more costly than the general deluxe room.

5. State where you are traveling- The prices also vary from state to state. The states with more tourist places and more visitors generally have more charges for the hotels and resorts than the other states. Hence it is also one of the factors affecting the costs of the hotels.

Hiring hotels and resorts from SurfIndia

SurfIndia has a listing of genuine and trustable hotels and resorts. When you are going to a new place for the first time, you should be prepared beforehand. It is reliable to choose hotels and resort that are approved and are well-known. It should have a proper security system and safe location. In SurfIndia, you will find a list of the firm that are popular and trustworthy. You will not have to worry about your safety with these firms.

Checklist for the essential items you should carry-

  1. Pack your phone, charger, earbuds, laptop, and medication beforehand so that you don’t forget them at the last moment.
  2. Pack only the necessary clothes and keep your luggage small.
  3. Keep cash in hand and extra credit or debit cards.
  4. Check the weather of the destination and keep the things that you will need like an umbrella for the rainy season, jackets for winter.
  5. Don’t forget essential items like a towel, brush, socks, undergarments, comb, etc.
  6. You can also keep some snacks so that you can have them during your traveling.

Hotels & Resorts charges in Gurgaon

The hotels & resorts charges in Gurgaon are as follow-

PersonsBudget Hotels (Rs.Luxury Hotels (Rs.)Resorts (Rs.)
Room for one person
400 - 1000
1000 - 8000
1200 - 5500
Room for Couple
600 -1200
1500 - 9000
1800 - 6500
Room for family of four
800 - 7000
2500 - 15000
2000 - 10000

Frequently Asked Question

The following is a list of the tourist site in Gurgaon-
  1. Kingdom of dreams
  2. Damdama lake
  3. Ambiance mall
  4. Sultanpur bird sanctuary
  5. Fun N Food Village
  6. Murthal
Gurgaon is popular for theatrical shows, also called the ‘kingdom of dreams.’

It is better to book the hotel at least three to four days before your travel. It will save you money and make your traveling hassle-free.

It will depend on the hotel policies. Some hotels offer free cancellation while others will charge you some amount. It will also vary depending on how many days prior you cancel your book. If you cancel booking well before time, like 48 to 72 hours earlier, it will charge you less money, but if you cancel booking within 24 hours of check-in time, it will cost a greater amount.

From February to April, the charges are higher as compared to other seasons of the year. The weather is pleasant these months, that is why people prefer to visit Gurgaon in these seasons, causing hotel charges to rise.

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