Hotels and Resorts in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the densely populated states of India, and along with that, it offers you top-quality hotels and resorts. Kolkata and the neighborhood will never let you down when it comes to world-class comfort and facilities. It provides you with an array of facilities that allow you to unwind in the laps of Mother Nature, and you will not be disappointed if you visit here. But in this fast-growing generation, getting a genuine hotel and resort in Kolkata can be challenging. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has enlisted many companies that offers you the best hotels and resorts in Kolkata. Visit the outlet and explore the listed companies on the site. Choose the best venue that suits your budget and stands to your expectations.

Hotels and Resorts Services in Kolkata

Kolkata has been named “The City of Joy” because of its friendliness and warmth. If you plan to spend your vacation with your family or friends, then heading to Kolkata can be a good choice. All you need for a good and exciting holiday is the best hotels and resorts in Kolkata In this regard, the City of Joy truly lives up to its name, but getting a reliable and genuine service provider can be difficult. Surfindia is a portal that has listed top-class resorts and hotels in Kolkata and truly stands on all of your expectations. You get a lot of service providers that are genuine and trustworthy. Choose the service provider that falls under your budget based on previous ratings and customer reviews.

Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Hotels and Resorts in Kolkata

Picking the best hotel and resort can be a challenging and exhausting task for some. There are many parameters to consider when booking a hotel and spa, including price, location, amenities, reviews, parking space, free Wi-Fi, availability of AC, hygiene, and the list. Choosing a hotel and resort for some travelers can be easy, but it might be challenging. So, we are presenting you with some essential tips to choose the best place for your vacation. Explore the below-mentioned points and follow for a fantastic experience:

1. Location is primary- Location is one of the essential points for choosing hotels and resorts. It is all good if your hotel is pocket-friendly and provides you with all the amenities but will all those facilities be worth it if its located miles away from the main sights you want to see? No. So, before booking hotels and resorts in Kolkata you must cross-check with the location.

2. Rating and photos on the website- Reading customer reviews is a great way to get more information about the hotels and resorts. But it is advisable to not focus solely on the reviews and avoid looking at the hotel website altogether. Sometimes reviews are biased and do not stand to your expectations. So, check all the reviews and ratings, and explore the photo of hotels and resorts area uploaded on the site.

3. Consider the recent reviews - When reading reviews, try to fetch the latest reviews and then consider them. An old review would not be beneficial for you, and it will not give you an accurate situation portrayal of the hotels and resorts. Go for the latest reviews and then rent any hotels and resorts.

4. Newer hotels and resorts are cleaner - Many famous hotels and resorts have offered their services for many years. And it is also true that older hotels and resorts operating for years are outdated and unclean. But the newer hotels and resorts are way cleaner than the older ones. They have new interior designs, modern bathrooms, and resorts that offer more exciting views.

5. Ensure the amenities are up to standard - Another thing to consider when booking any hotel and resort is amenities. The main thing to check is air-conditioning rooms, free Wi-Fi, parking space, breakfast, and evening snacks. These amenities may not drive you, but these matter a lot.

6. Know the guest -Finding out what kind of visitors usually stay at a hotel can help you determine whether it’s the kind of hotel and resort that will suit you. You can fetch this information from the reviews. Guests can be backpackers and business travelers, so you will often be happiest and excited to meet guests similar to you.

7. Value the worth of money - Money is the most significant factor that no one wants to lose. They spend their hard-earned money on hotels and resorts in Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, or anywhere that charges more do not offer you facilities based on spent money. So, research the hotel by reading reviews and checking out the website to find out precisely what you are paying so much for.

8. Check with loyalty programs - When choosing your accommodation, it is worth checking in to see whether hotels have loyalty programs. If you are a frequent visitor and often stay in a hotel that rewards you for constant visits, it can be the way to go. It might be possible that the hotels and resorts in Kolkata give you some points and get some discount on your next visit.

9. Choose that suits you - Ultimately, every traveler wants something unique and different from their respective hotels and resorts. Some hotels and resorts offer complex offerings like dining options, entertainment, bar, and romantic rooms with fantastic views. Booking resorts and hotels in Kolkata entirely depend on your requirement. So, choose the best that falls under your budget and needs.

Hotels and Resorts Cost in Kolkata Price List

If you are willing to find an average hotels and resorts cost in Kolkata, then you can take a look at the table mentioned below:

Persons Budget Hotels (Rs.) Luxury Hotels (Rs.) Resorts (Rs.)
Room for one
500 - 1500
2000 - 5000
3000 - 5000
Room for Couple
1000 -2500
3000 - 7000
5000 - 7000
Room for family of four
2000 - 3000
5000 - 10000
7000 - 10000

Essential Tips for Kolkata Trip Preparation

We all want our vacations with close ones to be successful, filled with lots of happy memories and learning new things such as the culture of the place we are visiting. It is also essential to be prepared for the trip so that you enjoy your holiday trouble-free. Surf India has some essential tips on how to prepare for your Kolkata trip:

  • Create a checklist of items you want to pack and bring to the vacation, such as books, a camera, clothes according to the season, and other items. Make sure to pack a bag of essentials with medications, toiletries, and other items.

  • It is best to have light luggage and not pack everything you own. If you are traveling to Kolkata, you must also be thinking of buying some souvenirs.

  • Make sure to book rooms in the best hotels and resorts in Kolkata in advance. After a tiring day of exploration, you would want to relax, but what if the luxury or budget hotel you pick at the last minute says no vacancy? It is best to book a hotel room a few days before the trip.

  • If you are taking a road trip to Kolkata, then use GPS, which is available on all phones these days. It is advised to also have a physical map which you can use if your phone dies due to low battery.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, all the hotels and resorts have ample parking space for their visitors. Most of the hotels and resorts have big parking spaces free of charge at or around the hotel. Check out the site, and you will get all the relevant information mentioned in the service provider's bio.

There is a range of rooms available at the listed hotels and resorts of Kolkata to suit every budget. For details on the room types available at the different properties and their features, please see the rooms and rates page for the individual hotel in Kolkata.

Costs may vary because of the fair dates or the higher season dates. Other essential reasons could be that the prices have increased since your last visit to the site and the more you wait for booking, the more will be the rates of resorts and hotels in Kolkata.

Yes, the Kolkata hotels and resorts can look after your luggage. If your room is not ready at check-in or in case of early check-out, the staff will store your luggage free of charge on your check-in and check-out days.

All the hotels and resorts in Kolkata offer non-smoking rooms. In some hotels, every room is non-smoking. A few hotels and resorts provide you with smoke-free premises. But it is advisable before booking any hotel and resort clear all your doubts by exploring the respective service provider.

Being the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata is one the best place to visit. And all the visitors should avoid visiting a town like Port, Khidderpore, Tiljala, Tangra the late at night. Avoid traveling alone and beware of the pickpockets.

Hotels and Resorts Services Near Kolkata

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