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  • Celebrate Motherhood with Magnificence on International Mother's Day 2019!

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    International Mother's Day is the celebration of motherhood and also the unbreakable bond of a mother and her child. Raising a child from the birth till he or she becomes an adult is not a duck soup, but a challenge involving a great deal of hardships which finally leads to a successful motherhood. This global event venerates this zealous spirit of women who have been successful mothers to their adorable children. The day is observed in about 46 countries around the world signifying its importance worldwide.

    As International Mother's Day 2019 is just round the corner, it is time to plan something big and memorable for the loving and caring mothers that will remarkably convey your heartiest feelings to her. The affectionate day will fall on 12th May this year, so be ready with all your gifts and celebration ideas to amaze your lovely mother on her big day.

    Significance of International Mother's Day

    International Mother's Day is the worldwide celebration of deep love and affection which a child holds for the mother in the heart. The day marks the contributions of mothers in their children's lives and making them responsible and caring individuals of today. Out of all the precious relationships that people make or get in their lives, the bond of a mother and child is the strongest one. Irrespective of the language and cultural diversities, it is the emotions and sentiments of the people belonging from different countries of the world that reunites them to makes International Mother's Day a universal event.

    The occasion of Mother's Day is certainly a perfect occasion to give due respect to the mothers who dedicate their whole lives in performing their duties of taking care of their children. Right from giving birth till her last breath, she continuously showers her unconditional love and support on her, and relentlessly works for the well-being of her children. Though the day is celebrated with flowers like carnation and roses, chocolates, greeting cards (handmade preferably), cakes, and other gifts for mothers, but what she actually expects is the time, respect, and care from her children in return of her selfless deeds.

    Celebrations of International Mother's Day 2019 Worldwide

    Mother's Day Celebrations in India: The people of the Indian subcontinent celebrate the occasion of Mother's Day with great zeal and enthusiasm on second Sunday in the month of May. It is considered as the wonderful time to express our love and gratitude to the mothers who have devoted their entire lives in taking care of their children. The day observes people sending the best Mother's Day gifts like flowers, greeting cards, or cakes and planning big celebrations for their mothers to make the day extremely special and memorable.

    Mother's Day at the United Kingdom: Celebrated as Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday of Lent, the occasion of Mother's Day is all about showering immense love on mothers through flowers, sweets, cards, and chocolates. People take off from their work to spend an entire day with their moms.

    Mother's Day at the United States of America: Mother's Day in USA is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May to recognize motherhood, motherly affection, and the contributions of mothers to the society. On this day, people visit churches, host family dinners, send greeting cards, and give carnations to their mothers. Not just the real mothers, people even celebrate this day with their grandmothers and other ladies who are like mother figures to them.

    Mother's Day Celebrations in Spain: The occasion is observed on the first Sunday of the May month in Spain. The celebration of this day in Spain is similar to the celebrations in other countries. Such is the craze of this special day that gifts shops in Spain earn a lot of business by just selling flowers, chocolates, greeting cards and other Mother's Day gifts. Children even make handmade cards and other gifts for their mothers.

    Mother's Day Celebrations in New Zealand: The celebrations of Mother's Day in New Zealand coincide with the one in the USA. It is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May. People in New Zealand also thank their mothers for their hard efforts and immense time they have invested in bringing them up and making them what they are. The celebrations of this day includes picnic plans, dinners, and buying of special gifts like flowers and chocolates for the mothers, grandmothers, and other female guardians who have incredibly fulfilled the role of mothers.

    Mother's Day Celebrations in Japan: Mother's Day or "ha no hi" in Japanese is jollified on the second Sunday in May every year. Although this day is not indigenous to Japan, but it has been modulated according to the Japanese custom and traditions. The Japanese people celebrate this day with their mothers by giving captivating roses and carnations that express myriad of affectionate emotions to them. A variety of dishes are also prepared by children for their mothers like sushi, tamagoyaki, and miso on Mother's Day. Other special gifts on this day comprise of calligraphy gifts and personalized paintings and crafts.

    Mother's Day Celebrations in South Africa: People of South Africa celebrates Mother's Day on second Sunday of May to express their love and affection to their mothers and also thank for everything she has done for them. The celebration is made in true spirits and acknowledges the significance of mothers in everyone's lives. Flowers like carnations and greeting cards are the most popular gifts to give to moms to convey hearty sentiments of love and admiration.

    Mother's Day Celebrations in Canada: Mother's Day will be celebrated on second Sunday in 2019 in Canada just like most of the countries. On this occasion, people thank their mothers for their constant love and support in all phases of life with the help of cards and flowers. This beautiful day can also be celebrated with grandmothers, guardians, mother-in-laws, or any other motherly figure that have supported and taken care of you when you most needed.

    Mother's Day Celebrations in Mexico: Mother's Day is celebrated as Dia de las Madres on 10th May every year in Mexico. This immensely popular occasion is witnessed by events being hosted by churches, schools, civic groups and Mexico cities. According to the customs in the country, the children visits their family home a day before Mother's Day to celebrate the day with their mothers. They sing a traditional song "Las Maņanitas" using musical instruments to wake their mothers up on 10th May. The other popular celebrations methods involve flowers, chocolates, cards, handmade gifts, and school celebrations.

    Mother's Day Celebration in Australia: The Mother's Day celebration in Australia is similar to the one celebrated in the US. It is also celebrated on second Sunday of May with great fun and excitement. The main motive of this day is to express one's heartfelt to the affectionate mothers through Mother's Day presents. Children give carnation flowers and greeting cards that beautifully express their emotions to their mothers. People even wear carnations on Mother's Day in Australia. Wearing colored carnations symbolizes a living mother and white carnations are worn to pay tribute to the deceased mothers.

    How Carnations Became the Mother's Day Flowers?

    Carnations were not selected as Mother's Day flowers on purpose, but became one owing to their beautiful floral connotations. Miss Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day in the USA, picked pink carnations to symbolize Mother's Day in 1907. She has chosen these flowers as her mother was fond of them. Initially, these blossoms were just picked by her without any intentions of making them emblem for Mother's Day, but later on, due to their significant qualities of purity, sweetness, and endurance, they were largely accepted by people for the occasion. White carnations became the Mother's Day flowers for people who missed their mothers. Red carnations represented love and affection for the living mothers.

    International Mother's Day Dates for Next Ten Years

    Mother's Day 2019 May 12, 2019 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2020 May 10, 2020Sunday
    Mother's Day 2021 May 9, 2021 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2022 May 8, 2022 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2023 May 14, 2023 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2024 May 12, 2024 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2025 May 11, 2025 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2026 May 10, 2026 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2027 May 9, 2027 Sunday
    Mother's Day 2028 May 14, 2028 Sunday
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