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Indian Adventure Travel Guide

Water Sports Adventure rules in India. Skiing, Trekking, Mountaineering are only few option to count on. Places like Himachal Pradesh, Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh, Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast India, and Sikkim are the most important mountaineering destinations in India. The popular summits with the mountaineers are Num and Kun and the Zanskar range in Jammu and Kashmir. In Kishtawar, there are numerous peaks with altitudes up to 6,500 m that require technical climbing skills. In Himachal Pradesh, the areas of Lahaul and Spiti as well as the Kullu valley have several challenging peaks. The peaks in India have been classified as 'open', 'virgin', 'border', 'trekking', and 'other peaks'. Each category offers a number of choices.

Famous Adventure Sports of India

One of the recent developing sport, aero sport have conquered the world with a style. Dating back to 1940s when an aviation pioneer, Dr. Francis Rogalo constructed his flexible Delta Kite and filed a patent for Paragliding. But it was not until the early 1980s that parachutes were foot launched regularly from hills. Since then, this sport has been rapidly expanding. Many sports lover across the world have found this sport convenient, sheer fun and a safe medium of soaring in the air. Different from a hang-glider or a parachute, Paraglider is much lighter than a hang-glider, much easier to open up, takes little time, and the additional advantage that you do not need to jump from a helicopter or airplane to enjoy the glide in the sky. All needed is some basic training and the will to achieve success.

This is one of the most fascinating sport for many sports lovers. Encounter the adventure as you climb the rocks up the hills. Good climbing faces are available at the Aravali Hills in Dumdama, Dhauj, and Nuh- all in close proximity of New Delhi. In Himachal Pradesh, the Manali Valley, Manikaran and the Rothang Pass offer excellent climbing opportunities for the real adventurer.
Thera are many places in India that offers Rock climbing . Some of the best are Chamundi Hills in Karnataka, Mount Abu and Sariska in Rajasthan all offer variety of rock faces and excellent grounds for quality climbing. The high altitude climber will enjoy the rocks at Sonamarg in the State of Jammu & Kashmir and Gangotri in the Garwal district of Uttar Pradesh.

Water Sports
Coastal states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa have some of the best beaches in the world. Beaches in Goa offer facilities for water sports like water skiing, wind surfing, yatching and para sailing. Gopalpur-on-Sea in Orissa, Chorwad, Ahmedpur Mandvi in Gujarat are excellent spots which are quiet. Lakshadweep offers excellent wind surfing, snorkeling and scuba-diving in the crystal clear waters which surround the islands.

Mountaineering is considered the best way to explore the flora and fauna of mountains. Scaling the Himalayan peaks is considered the best when we speak anout mountaineeing. These mighty mountains stretching across the northern borders of India, from west to east, have hundreds of peaks, many yot unscales, inviting the intrepid mountaineer. The states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim offer bases for mountaineering expeditions. For information and arrangements you are requested to contact with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. The agent you have hired will make all the arrangements including transport, food, porters, camping equipments etc. and will also process and clear all formalities. The IMF will assist in liaising with the Indian Air Force (for helicopters) in case of accidents, in conveying weather forecasts to the expeditions etc. The best season for mountaineering is from May to October.

The category is graded according to the degree of difficulty and accessibility. Medical examination is a must. The permanent snowline, generally being in the region of 5,200 m, the degree of difficulty of mountaineering routes, can broadly be defined as.

Basic mountaineering techniques is required such as those imparted by the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttarkashi, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at Darjeeling, and the Western Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering at Manali.

Advanced For this category, you need to be in top physical condition, and to possess advanced mountaineering skills, either through the advanced courses of mountaineering institutes, or through expedition experience. Within this category, further division is possible, till the highest degrees of difficulty.

The main mountaineering locales in Himalyas are in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh. In Garhwal, the areas, include the Tons-Banderpunch region, the Gangotri glacier system, the Nanda Devi sanctuary (presently closed), Arwa glacier area, Kamet and Abi Gamin. The roadheads for these at Taluka, Gangotri, Joshimath, and Malari, can be reached in two or three days from Delhi. In Kumaon, the areas include the Kalabaland glacier system, the Panch Chulhi, Rajrambha, and Chaudhara peaks, and the peaks of the Nandakot basin, on the eastern flank of the Nanda Devi sanctuary.

Equipment can be hired, either from clubs, or purchased from one of the agencies selling it. Prior to setting out, all equipment must be tested, and team members must familiarize themselves with its use. Kerosene must be carried, so that the fragile mountain environment is not further degraded, by cutting any wood. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam has a full-fledged mountaineering and trekking division, based at Muni-ki-Reti, Rishikesh.

Trekking in India
Trekking Home to the Himalaya, it is well known as the homeland of some of the highest mountains peaks of the world in every corner of the world. It offers a great concentration of high snow capped mountains. Apart from enjoying the amazing beauty of these peaks, you will have the opportunities to climb some of these peaks. A trek in India is a special and offers a perfect holiday destination.

The Himalayas have long been a source of inspiration for the Indian people, whatever are their faiths and ethnic backgrounds. They are mentioned with awe and reverence right from the earliest religious writings. The perennial rivers, deriving their source from the permanent snows of the Himalayas, have natured life on the Indo Gangetic plain since time immemorial. And, of course, the Himalayas have always been a sanctuary for seekers of spirituality. Now, the Himalayas provide a happy hunting ground for all adventure enthusiasts and an invitation to get to know the hardy and friendly people who live on the heights.

Popularly known as Dev Bhoomi, the Eastern Garhwal region of the Indian Himalaya, is an area of staggering beauty rich in myth, culture, and history. Here the holy river Ganges is born, and here aSome of the oldest trade routes between India and Tibet passing amongst high peaks and their perennial snow and ice.

The Lohanjang route traverses the west side of the Trishul Massif before crossing Kuari Pass. Along the way you'll visit tea houses and hike past fields still worked with water buffalo. You'll backpack through forests of maple, oak and rhododendron and over passes of rock and scree at 13,000 feet.

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