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Kangra Tourism

Kangra City Guide

Kangra Tour to Kangra, which is considered as one of the most desired destination of Himachal Pradesh. Visit beautiful temples and buddhist monasteries, which are one of the major attractions of Kangra. Surrounded by lush green forests, orchards and temples, Kangra welcomes tourists from all over the world for trekking, skiing and sightseeing.

One of the most attractive valleys of lower Himalayas, Kangra spreads over the southern edge of magnificent Dhauladhar range covered with lush green tea gardens and terraced fields. Kangra Valley is one of the snowy ridge lines which has flourishing forests on one side and cheerful hill cultures on the other sides. Situated amidst the scenic white ridge of Dhaula Dhar range, Kangra could be the best destination for the tourists to unveil the secrets and charm of the nature. Besides the natural beauty of the valley, hospitality of people, miniature paintings, temples, forts and adventure sports attract huge number of tourists every year from entire world. From the excursion point of view, Kangra offers tremendous number of adventurous sports and activities. From the diverse options, tourists can go for trekking, skiing, mountaineering or a perfect sun walk down the lane of lush green tea gardens. Apart from the excursions and natural beauty, Kangra is also famous for its Buddhist monastery, the Namgyal Monastery is one of the major attraction of this place, that makes Kangra a must visit site.
Places to Visit in Kangra
Highlighted with some of the most treasured temples of India, like the temples of Brajeshwari, Baijnath, Jawalamukhi and Chamunda Devi, a tour to Kangra Valley is blessed with all the ingredients necessary for that dream vacation you had always wished for! The Bener and the Majhi streams flow through the lush green valley which can also be used as a perfect base for arranging tours to the other popular tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Thus, a tour to Kangra Valley is a definite must-include while planning your tour itinerary to Himachal Pradesh.

The temple of Brajeshwari Devi is very famous in the area. It is believed that in the bygone era this temple was very rich and each time it was plundered it was always able to restore itself. The valley also comprises of the famous Kangra fort, which was taken over by the British in 1846 on clause of a treaty. In 1905 an earthquake destroyed both the temple and the fort, but the temple was rebuilt.

Close to Kangra is Nagarkot a beautiful area with the fort perched on top of a ridge overlooking the confluence of Manjhi and Baner rivers. Kangra valley provides a tremendous contrast in nature of places to be visited. Dharamshala is full of Buddhist air whereas ancient Hindu Temples such as Brajeshwari, Baijnath, Jawalamukhi and Chamunda Devi dot the countryside.

Fairs and Festivals
Pilgrims flock to Kangra in the month of April for the Navratra celebrations, and in September. October, before the Dussehra festival, to pay their homage to Goddess Durga at the Vajreshwari (Kangra Devi) temple.

Best Time to Visit Kangra
The weather in Kangra is absolutely pleasant. Summers (April-June) are mild and winters are cold (November-February). It experiences southwestern monsoon rains in July-September. The Kangra region receives the second highest rainfall per annum.

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