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The Mall, Shimla

Shimla City Guide

Once established by the British empire, "The Mall" is centrally located in Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. "The Mall" often described as the heart of the city is embellished with varieties of departmental stores, shops, showrooms and restaurants.It is also known as a shoppers paradise. Apart from the shopping attraction, there is century old church and temple located nearby. The Scandal Point, which is located at the end of the Mall road in Shimla attracts large number of tourists for its scenic and picturesque view.

A Memorable Destination
Mall Road in Shimla, is a place which cannot be left untouched by any visitor. The lifeline of Shimla, Mall road, is the main tourist attraction in the town. Mall is the centre of Shimla's bustling social life. It is a fairly level meandering esplanade that runs along the ridge. Mall road is the main street in Shimla. Most of the major hotels, restaurants, recreation centres are situated on The Mall. The Mall was constructed by the British, and precautions were taken to make sure that the road does not gets adversely affected. One such step was to ban entry of vehicles on the road. All the colonial structures are situated on The Mall.
A Shoppers Paradise
Mall Road has numerous showrooms, stores, departmental stores, shops, restaurants and cafes, stuck closely to each together. The market on Mall offers all kind of handicraft products of Himachal Pradesh, locally made woollen cloths, branded cloths, pottery items, jewellary, books, and local eatable items, especially pickles. Mall road is more famous for its wooden furniture shops. The furniture shops specializes in making furnitures, which looks likeantique peic4s.During a purchase process, one must go for heavy bargain on locally made items. There are no vehicles allowed on the Mall, so it is always bustling with tourists, mostly buyers. The jovial crowd, youthful environ and scenic beauty around the road can make anyone stay here for whole day long.
Attractions on The Mall
Scandal Point
The highest point on The Mall, Scandal point is the end of Mall Road. One can have the views of valley and mountain peaks from this point. Scandal point is always full of tourists, due to its scenic location. The name Scandal arises from the deeds of Maharaj of Patiala, who dared the Britishers by kidnapping the daughter of the then Viceroy-of-India from this point. A statue of Lala Lajpat Rai, an eminent freedom fighter of India, is installed here.

Christ Church
The Christ Church is the second oldest church in North India. The huge colonial monument is a classic example of British art of church construction. The Church's exquisite beauty comes alive with the stained glasses that are fitted on its windows.

General Post Office
The Shimla Post Office on the Mall is a well carved building out of wood. The post office has the system of Tonga mail delivery in Shimla, one of its kind in India.

Kali Bari Temple
The Kali Bari Temple is supposed to be the temple Goddess Shyamala, who lends her name to Shimla. Kali Bari temple was constructed in 1845. The shrine of Shyamala was earlier in Jakhu hill. Britishers brought it to the new site of temple.

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