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Chamundi Temple

Mysore City Guide

Mysore is located in the South Indian state of Karnataka around 140 km from Bangalore. The city extends from latitude 1218' in the North to longitude 7642' in the East.

Location :Located on top of chamundi hills is this famous chamundi temple which is built in 12th century.

About Chamundi Temple :
The Chamundi Temple was a small shrine of Kali and has grown into a big temple over the last few centuries owing to the importance given and expansions made by the Mysore Maharajas. In old times, human and animal sacrifices were common at this temple, but were stopped during the 18th century. The temple is a fine quadrangular structure. The Gopura or tower at the entrance is a beautiful structure in Dravidian style with a small figure of Ganesha on the doorway. The silver-plated doorway has the images of the Goddess in different forms. As one enters through the tower's main gate, on the right side is a small figure of Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles.
After climbing a few steps, there is the temple flagstaff, the footprints of the Goddess and a small figure of Nandi, facing the sanctum sanctorum. In the sanctum sanctorum is the stone image of the Goddess, decorated every day according to religious traditions and worshipped by a number of priests. The Mysore rulers have made several valuable gifts to their family deity. In the cell in front of the sanctum sanctorum, there is a beautiful 6 feet statue of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. He is standing with folded hands in his religious dress, with his three wives, their names engraved on the pedestals. Krishnaraja Wodeyar repaired this shrine in 1827 and built the huge tower on it. He also presented it with a huge wooden chariot, Simha Vahana, used now also during the car festival or Rathotsava. Atop the sanctum sanctorum is a small tower and is called Vimana, which can be seen from outside, from behind the temple. During the 10 days of Dasara festival, special worship are conducted in the temple premises, besides holding chanting of Vedas and music performances. After the Dasara celebrations, on the auspicious Ashwayuja Pournime, a Rathotsava (car festival) takes place during the Jathra atop the hill, followed by the Theppotsava (floating festival) in the night. Both the celebrations attract big crowds

Additional Information :
Tuesdays and Fridays are said to be auspicious for visiting the temple.

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