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Presently India is gearing up to host the grand spectacle, The F1 Indian Grand Prix, a Formula One Race to be held in the NCR region of the country.Formula 1 Race
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Top Sports
The Olympic sport of Archery is played using Bow and Arrows. Players have to target a circular board, divided into segments carrying different points.
The sport of wrestling implies a fierce test of physical strength and stamina. Modern day version of this sport includes two segments i.e Greco Roman and Free style
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Tennis has millions of fans worldwide admiring the intense test of skills in this sport. It's an Olympic sport and has four Grand Slam tournaments also.
Top Adventure Sports
SkiingSkiing is a popular adventure sport played over snow. Skiing is a very popular adventure sport played in India especially in the Himalayan region.
SwimmingSwimming is considered as a recreational sport. It's amongst the most watched Olympic sports for thrill & excitement it provides.
AthleticsAthletics involves various events testing individual stamina. Ever since its introduction, Athletics have formed the core of every Olympic event.
Ice HockeyRated amongst most high speed sports, ice hockey is a very popular sport. It is played only on on natural or artificial surfaces of ice.
Top International Games
The martial art of Judo is very popular all over the world. Originating from Japan, this sport has gained international stature within no time.
Boxing is a popular combat sport all over the world. It involves two people fighting it out in boxing ring trying to knck down the other.
Taekwondo is another popular form of marital art said to have originated in Korea. The sport involves defeating the opponent by grappling.
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Australia Flag
74 55 48 177
India Flag
38 27 36 101
England Flag
37 60 45 142
Canada Flag
26 16 33 75
South Africa
South Africa Flag
12 11 10 33
Hockey Field Hockey is the official national sports of India and its neighbouring country Pakistan. Formed in the year 1925, Indian Hockey Federation looks after the sport of Field

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