Top 10 physiotherapists in Delhi 2024!


Have you or someone in your family undergone joint surgery or suffered muscle spasms or pulls due to running? Are you suffering from lower back pain, joint pain, or pain-related worries and seeking effective relief? Then, you must consult an experienced and reputed physiotherapist who will help you lessen the pain, quickly recover, and treat various health problems.


A physiotherapist can help you get relief from shoulder pain, muscle pain, sprains, etc. But there are so many physiotherapists in Delhi, and the question is which one to choose? Worry not, as this page is for you. Below, we have listed the top 10 physiotherapists in Delhi and the NCR region.


You can read about the doctors and where they practice. We have also mentioned their clinic phone numbers so you can quickly contact them, ask your queries, and book your appointment. Read on!


1. Dr. Anil Kumar

Clinic name – My Ability Physiotherapy

Consultation fees – Rs. 500

Contact No. – +91 8800664117




Dr. Anil Kumar is one of the leading Delhi physiotherapists with more than 16 years of experience. He offers quality physiotherapy services to all age groups and relieves them from sports injuries, chronic diseases, pre and post-surgery, and age-related complications.


He specializes in chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathy, needle therapy, and other exercises that can help relieve pain. You can visit his My Ability Physiotherapy clinic in Krishna Nagar, New Delhi.


2. Dr. Shravan Kumar

Clinic name – Sri Ganesh Psychiatry and Physiotherapy

Consultation fees – Rs. 200

Contact No. – 093132 06395




Dr. Shravan Kumar is one of the leading physiotherapists in Delhi, having 17 years of experience in this field. He runs the clinic Sri Ganesha Physiotherapy, where he provides relief from pain and makes them feel comfortable during the treatment sessions. You can consult Dr. Shravan Kumar for postural correction, foot care, paralytic care, lower back pain, spine injury, etc.


3. Dr. Deepak Kumar Capri

Clinic name – Capri Spine Clinic

Consultation fees – Rs. 1000

Contact No. – 090631 21212




When looking for the top physiotherapist in Delhi, you can also consult Dr. Deepak Kumar Capri. He is one of the city’s most experienced, leading, and reputed physiotherapists, having over 30 years of experience.


He is a certified McGonell Concept teacher at McConnell Institute in Australia. He is also the visiting consultant physiotherapist at Al Qasimmi Hospital in UAE. He runs a clinic, Capri Spine, where you can consult the doctor and get effective pain treatment.


4. Dr. Ruchi Varshney

Clinic name – Ruchi’s Advanced Physiotherapy and Wellness

Consultation fees – Rs. 400

Contact No. – +91-9811843602




Dr. Ruchi Varshey is one of the well-known female physiotherapy doctors in New Delhi who offers her patients outstanding treatments with quick relief. She listens to her patients carefully and provides effective solutions, which have made her one of the most preferred physiotherapists in Delhi and NCR.


Previously, she practiced at the Jeevan Anmol Hospital. You can visit the clinic where she practices if you are searching for top physiotherapists in Delhi. She has been practicing physiotherapy for 20+ years and offers sports physiotherapy, home care physiotherapy, chronic pain treatment, arthritis and pain management, Achilles tendon rupture treatment, etc.


5. Dr. Hitesh Khurana

Clinic name – Anodyne Spine Clinic

Consultation fees – Rs. 400

Contact No. – +91 8920-943-324




Dr. Hitesh Khurana is one of the leading doctors in his physiotherapist clinic in Delhi, Anodyne Spine, in Krishna Nagar. He also practices in Dr. Hitesh Khurana Physiotherapy Center. His clinic is known for using the best and latest technology to treat his patients. He provides various treatments such as back pain physiotherapy, sports physical therapy, dry needling, pre and post-operative care, postural training, knee pain physiotherapy, etc. He is among the best doctors for physiotherapy in Delhi and is trusted by many for excellent treatment.


6. Dr. Aneeta Verma

Clinic name – Eva Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic

Consultation fees – Rs. 500

Contact No. – 080 3729 6916




Dr. Aneeta Verma is a well-known physiotherapist and nutritionist in Delhi NCR. She has 10 years of experience in this field. She specializes in treating various health concerns, such as PCOD, cervical and back pain, obesity, depression, back pain, and behavior therapy, and she also offers customized physiotherapy. She is practicing at Eva Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic in Delhi NCR.


7. Dr. Rajiv Mehta

Clinic name – Velocity Fitness Clinic

Consultation fees – Rs. 500

Contact No. – +91 981-0559-086




Dr. Rajiv Mehta is one of the experienced and reputed physiotherapists in Delhi. He has 19 years of experience in this field, specializing in geriatric, orthopedic, cardiovascular pulmonary, and clinical physiotherapy. He has many patients who trust him for effective and quality treatment. He has even been honored with many awards, such as the Healthcare Excellence Award and Best Physiotherapist Award in North West Delhi. Currently, Dr. Rajiv Mehta is practicing in the Velocity Fitness Clinic.


8. Dr. Anjana Gupta

Clinic name – Physiocare Physiotherapy Clinic

Consultation fees – Rs. 1000

Contact No. – 098911 88835




Dr. Anjana Gupta is also one of the best physiotherapists in Delhi, who has more than 34 years of experience in this field. She has worked in the GB Pant Hospital as a Senior Physiotherapist and LNJP Hospital in the Orthopedics Department.


Currently, she practices in the Physiocare Physiotherapy Clinic, where she also received the award for the best physiotherapist. Working with patients over the years, she has also started exclusive classes for the expecting and new moms. She educates the patients, especially women, to live their lives painlessly as they face different challenges in life. She offers chronic pain treatment, meniscus injury, lower back pain, frozen shoulder physiotherapy, strengthening exercises, etc.


9. Dr. Hemant Gaur

Clinic name – Advanced Physiotherapy

Consultation fees – Rs. 200-300

Contact No. – 9818950878




Under our list of the top 10 physiotherapists in Delhi, we have also mentioned Dr Hemant Gaur, one of the city’s most reputed doctors. You can consult him in Shahdara, West Delhi, at his clinic Advanced Physiotherapy. He has many years of experience in this field and has won the trust of many patients by providing quick and effective treatments. His specializations include sports injuries, joint pain, orthopedics, neurology, geriatric, and general physiotherapy.


10. Dr. Jiteesh Sharma

Clinic name – New Age Rehabilitation Center

Consultation fees – Rs. 800

Contact No. – 099998 62434




Dr. Jiteesh Sharma is also one of the renowned and reputed physiotherapists, and he practices at New Age Rehabilitation Center in Faridabad and Fortis Escorts Okhla. He has been practicing physiotherapy for 10 years and specializes in orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and sports. He treats patients with different therapies, such as range of motion, strengthening exercises, and electrical stimulation. He is also a member of the Delhi Council of Physiotherapy and the Indian Associations of Physiotherapists.


Delhi is one of India’s biggest cities with no shortage of the best physiotherapists and other doctors. But, regarding health and treatments, you can only trust the best and most genuine doctors. Finding one doctor from a long list of many can be very confusing. To help you pick the right physiotherapists, we have mentioned the leading physiotherapists in Delhi. You can check this list, check their reviews online, and then book an appointment with them:


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