Pest control in Pune

Pests are annoying creatures living on our property that causes damage to not only our valuable stuff but also causes deadly diseases. It is essential to check their growth before it becomes uncontrollable. Surfindia is an online portal that has enlisted certified companies offering pest control services in Pune. If you live in Pune and are troubled with pests attack in your residential or commercial premises, you can take the help of surfindia to get a cost-effective pest control service. Find the best quality service provider that is safe for you and your family.

Pest control services in Pune

The companies registered in surfindia are verified and authentic. They are prominent service providers with experience in pest management field. The staffs are very professionals and well-trained by these firms and hence reliable. You can get the desirable pest control service at minimal charges and a warranty. The enterprises are well-versed with technology and use advanced methods to ensure the complete elimination of pests. Check out the pest control charges in Pune at surfindia and book your service.

Tips to prepare for pest control

Common pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, ants, etc., are typical in households. But when their population gets out of control and starts damaging our property, we need to take some significant steps to eliminate them. Calling a pest control service by professionals is a good option. If you are ready for pest control service in your house, you should keep in mind the following points-

  • Remove the bedding and furniture covers- before getting a pest control service, ensure all your bedsheets, cushions, decorative items, curtains, toys of children, and other things are remove or packed up. Cover your furniture and sofa with plastic sheets. And if you are troubled with termites in your furniture, you can take everything from it and keep it to put chemicals.
  • Keep the corners free so that the inspection staff can do a thorough examination of the place.
  • You should take special care of your pets if you are planning for a pest control service. Don't allow them near your house for about 5-6 hours after the pest control service. They may be susceptible to the chemicals.
  • Remove all your daily use items from the bathroom & toilet and empty them. Store these items safely.
  • Take special care of the appliances like fridge, washing machine, oven, RO and any other equipment you have in your house and it is better to remove them. If you cannot remove them, unplug and cover them with plastic sheets.
  • Edible items of the kitchen should be packed entirely and kept away from the chemicals. Try to use air-tight jars.

Pest control services in Pune

Here is a list of the pest control services in Pune-

  1. Cockroach control service
  2. Mosquito control service
  3. Ants control service
  4. Termite control service
  5. Wood borer control service
  6. Lizard control service
  7. Rodents control service
  8. Pigeon control service
  9. Bed bugs control service

Eco-friendly pest control services

The chemicals used conventionally in pest control methods may provide complete elimination of the pests, but some are not eco-friendly and cause pollution.With the progress in technology, new and more sustainable methods have been adapted for treatment. Integrate pest management (IPM) is one such method. It is based on introducing the natural enemy of pests in the area to check their growth. Many advanced companies have adopted this method for controlling the growth of insects. Organic or herbal treatment method is another novel practice used nowadays. It uses natural and organic products that do not cause any pollution to check the growth of these nuisance creatures. New alternatives to conventional chemicals are now available in the markets that are non-hazardous and more effective. The companies enlisted in surfindia are known to offer eco-friendly pest control in Pune.

Pest control charges in Pune Price List

Here is a list about the pest control charges in Pune, so that you can plan your pest control service at your budget-

SERVICE 1 BHK Cost 2BHK Cost 3 BHK Cost
Rs. 400 - 600
Rs. 600 - 900
Rs. 1,000 - 2,000
Rs. 450 - 700
Rs. 650 - 850
Rs. 800 - 1000
Rs. 500 - 700
Rs. 500 - 800
Rs. 1,000 - 2,100
Rs. 550 - 750
Rs. 900 - 1,100
Rs. 1,200 - 1,400
Rs. 400 - 700
Rs. 500 - 850
Rs. 1,000 - 2,000
Rs. 900 - 1,200
Rs. 1,200 - 1,500
Rs. 1,500 - 2,000

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