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Copyright policy

INFRINGEMENT CLAIMS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS respects the intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, design, service mark, trade names, data and images of others. We also restrict users from uploading, posting, distributing, and transmitting any material information on the portal or engaging in any activities that violate copyrights of others.

All IPs that are a part of, belong to, or associated with our website, shall exclusively belong to Surf India. Other IPs on this portal will belong to their respective owners.

IP on this website is exclusively for your personal use. Any use of this IP for which you get remuneration, in money or in kind, would be considered for commercial use. The use of the IP without taking permission from or other owner is prohibited and this would be considered as a violation of the Intellectual Property Rights of or the respective owner of the IP. This could lead to the termination of your account on our website. also reserves the right to take necessary legal actions.


According to the Rule 75(1) of the Copyright Rules, 2013 and other applicable enactments /amendments, you must send a written intimation to report any material that violates the copyright of others. The written communication must contain:

  • - The details of the material with sufficient information to recognize it.
  • - Information clearly stating the applicant is the owner of the copyright of the materials.
  • - Information stating that the copy of the material owned by the complainant is the infringement copy under Section 52 or any other act under Copyright Act 1957.
  • - Details of the place where the incidental storage of the material is taking place.
  • - Details of the person responsible for uploading the materials that are infringing the copyright of the complainant.
  • - An undertaking that states that the complainant will file a suit for infringement of copyright in the court of law against the person who uploaded the infringed copy of the material within a period of 21 days from the date of the receipt of the notice.

DISCLAIMERS recommends consulting your lawyer before you file any legal suit or written communications like takedown notices or counter notices in the court of law. Any person who knowingly misuse or infringe any material information on the website should be exposed to liability. understands the fact that not everyone has a clear view of the copyright law, and that accidents could happen anytime. However, our company will not tolerate any willful or repetitive copyright infringements. Therefore, after the complaint is filed and we find out that a person has intentionally violated the copyrights of others and may repeat it in the future even after the warning, will terminate your account and restrict your access to its website.