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Wrote a review 14/05/2022 12:11

Pb Interiors

Prompt & very trusted. “Amazing the quality of the interior designers to choose from and the end results were amazing.

Pranit Arora

Wrote a review 14/05/2022 12:09

Pb Interiors

Professionally Managed The designers are awesome & the process is very easy & quick. They helped me achieve a modern look on a very old house.

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About Interior Designers

Your house should not be just a place where you sleep, but it should represent you and your personality, and an Interior designer is a person who can make sure that house feels like a home. You can find the best and highest-rated professionals listed here on SurfIndia, and you can contact them through us. With their vast experience and training, they can help you in transforming your residential or commercial place. From the decorative pieces to the furniture, you can leave everything on them, and they will design your space after considering your budget. So, explore the list of Interior designers and select the one that you find the best.

Frequently Asked Question

The room's purpose and style will allow our designer to make your room more tempting and eye-catching. On these bases, our interior designer designs your room and makes the proper use of the furniture. Lighting is also an important factor that depends on the purpose of the room.
Our interior designer provides you many services like:
  • PDF presentations
  • Color selections
  • Lighting designs
  • Furniture selection
  • Product research
  • Floorplanning
  • Product and cost comparisons
  • Walls and window treatments
  • Budget
Our skilled interior designer usually follows a set of rules based on specific interior design principles and elements. These basic designs include space, line, forms, light, color, texture, and pattern and keep them balanced for a pleasing and tempting interior.
Our professional interior designer has vast knowledge and experience. He can make your small living area look good, and he can organize your room so that it would look more spacious and beautiful. They suggest you many options, and you will save time and money by reducing costly mistakes. And they also get you furniture, fabric, and materials that are trade-only and not accessible to everyone.
In India, charges vary from service providers to service providers. But on average, for a best and modular kitchen, it can cost you up to Rs 1lakh and more.
Yes, without any doubt, hiring an interior design is worth it. Interior helps you in many ways and offers your many services. You can save your time and money, as the designer will help you make a budget-friendly shopping list and suggest you buy only necessary items for your room. Else you have to run for labor, paints, quotes, and un-necessary bargaining.
60 percent, 30 percent, 10 percent proportion defines to give balance to the colors used in any space. This idea is straightforward, and our professionals use it for the best finishing.
When your home or space has finished, you need an interior designer to design your rooms beautifully. Our professional and experienced interior designers will offer you ample options like color, texture, and patterns, and these elements will make your room a more pleasant and fantastic look.
Interior designers make your indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by examining the space requirements and picking essential and decorative items, such as colors and lighting. While interior decorators furnish interior spaces with furniture and accessories, Interior designers can decorate, but decorators cannot design.
Mood Board is a conceptual presentation. It means it will contain a color scheme, an example of furniture, accessories, and other small details to give you feel like your place. The Sample board is the same as the mood board, but the basic difference is that you get all the details about the products, shopping list, store location, and product price. You get a Mood board when you ask with our skilled Interior Designer.