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Designing your home is a complicated task, and it is something essential to think about. Hiring an interior designer is a good decision if you have invested a handsome amount of money into your dream home and want to be able to showcase it to your friends and family. SurfIndia has listed many service providers that promise to offer the best home interior design services at an affordable price.

About Home Interior Designers

If designed in an unorganized way, a large house lacks spaces, while a tiny house with a better arrangement looks spacious. If you are thinking about furnishing your dream house, then hire a home interior designer to design and add functionality to your home. SurfIndia is a portal that has enlisted many service providers that offers you the best deals in decorating your space, i.e., your home, under an acceptable price range. The listed companies are professional and reliable and have served many clients. All the companies are registered under the Government of India and are trustworthy. You can explore the site and filter out the best service provider for home interior design that fits your requirement and falls under your budget.

Guide to Hiring Professional Home Interior Designers in India

Are you tired of the same old and dull appearance of your living room, bedrooms, and other parts of your home? Then, you can spruce up your abode and give it a brand new look and feel by getting it redecorated. Not only will you be able to beautify your house, but you will attract lots of guests.

Designing your home requires a lot of work and time. For a complete home makeover, you must hire the best home interior designers in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, etc., who will beautify your house in the textures and shades you desire. From pastel colors, quirky furniture to minimalistic designs, etc., there are many trendy designs that you can choose to make your home look gorgeous. And, if you are facing trouble finding reliable interior designers for homes online, then your search ends here. Surf India is the best online directory to help you find the best living room interior designers, designers for the kitchen area, etc., at reasonable prices. Here are some tips for hiring professional interior designers for home:

  • Remember to set a budget before hiring interior designers for home decoration.
  • Read the customer reviews of home interior designers before hiring.
  • Check the education and previous projections of the house interior designers on their work.
  • After hiring the home designers, tell them about your needs and ensure that you both work in sync.

Estimated Home Interior Designers Charges List

Given below are the approx. rates of home interior designers in India:

Cost Heads 1 BHK 2/3 BHK Office
Based on per square ft.
10 - 30
30 - 50
50 - 100
Cost percentage
6 to 10%
8 to 12%
6 to 15%
Lump sum amount
15,000 to 45,000
45,000 to 60,000
50,000 to 90,000

Frequently Asked Question

Do not worry, as we are here to help you. Our interior designers are skilled-enough to tackle all your design-related problems and resolve them easily. Firstly, the interior design companies will call to discuss your project, what you want to accomplish, and try to achieve, the function of the rooms, your style, kind of texture, preferences, timetables, etc. Once you feel relaxed and satisfied, we will take your project and finish it in style.

Yes, the companies enlisted on SurfIndia provide custom options for the home's interior design at an affordable price range.

That is fine as the interior designers have dealt with many clients who do not prefer custom products and want to use old décor. Our home interior designers will make a perfect plan and list of stuff under your budget and make your home look pleasant and astonishing. And, you can also use your old home decor.

The companies listed here use multiple payment methods depending upon your need and requirement. You can pay for the service through cheque or cash or do the online transactions directly to the bank account.

Yes, the companies provide free consultations on calls, but if our professionals need to visit your sites for the perfect and best result, we take some charges for the amount of time and effort we have put into your project. The charges are the best and minimal in the market.

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