False Ceiling Interior Designers

False ceiling design enhances the room’s glamour, and it provides a special effect to the room. Installing a false ceiling is not enough. To add more glow and functionality best quality lighting is required. But getting a skilled and professional service provider that offers all the best kinds of services is quite challenging. So, SurfIndia is a directory that has listed many service provider that gives you superior quality services.

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About False Ceiling Designers

False ceiling improves the designs and adds more functionality in your room, whether it is your living room or your kitchen. It leaves a fantastic impression on the visitors that they will keep talking about its quality and designs. Nowadays, most clients prefer false ceilings for decoration. But in this competitive world, getting a reliable and trusted service provider is such a tough task. But SurfIndia is a portal that has come up with a great solution. It has enlisted many service providing company that offers best services to their clients under an affordable price. All the listed companies here on this site are verified and trusted, and you can choose the top-class based on their rating and previous customer reviews. The companies are verified and are serving for past many years. You can select the best one and get the service under your range. So, hire the best that suits you and falls under your budget.

Frequently Asked Question

False ceilings are beneficial for the home and provide a neat, uniform look to interior spaces in the house. Air gets trapped between the solid top and false ceiling. Due to this, heating and cooling bills also get reduced.
Gypsum is becoming a preferred choice to create a false ceiling because it is lightweight, fire-resistant, sound-insulated, and budget-friendly.
The false ceiling is custom designed and made with high-quality materials like POP and Gypsum. And in normal condition, it lasts for 20 years.
You can make many types of textures for your ceilings, such as Skip Trowel, Knockdown, Swirl, Lace and Spray, Sand, or Popcorn. These are the five popular textures. You can find many other surfaces. Providing all these textures varies from service provider to service provider.
If you are not in the mood of investing a high amount in a full-blown false ceiling, then we suggest you go in for a peripheral false ceiling. This one runs across the borders of the roof as opposed to the entire top. It is also suitable for rooms that do not have a high ceiling. For more queries, kindly contact the respective service provider.