Interior Designers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city of delighted people. The standard of living is high, and people desire to have a comfortable and attractive house. There are ample options available for interior designing services in Hyderabad but getting a genuine and trustable service provider is a challenging task. SurfIndia is an online portal that has listed high-rated interior designers in your city so that you can book the most suitable service provider with convenience.

Interior designer services in Hyderabad

Interior designing is a professional work that requires organization and implementation of creative ideas to make the interior aesthetic. If you plan to renovate your house and change its style, you should give the task to a responsible hand to meet the outcome as per your expectations. SurfIndia will assist you in getting the catalog of the service providers in your area with their ratings and reviews. So you can choose the firm as per their previous performance and your requirements. You can compare the firms and select the suitable one. The catalog is listed here after extensive research of the quality of the service.

Why choose Interior Designers from SurfIndia?

The firms listed in SurfIndia are quality checked by our professional team. The following is the advantage of choosing the interior designers from our site-

1. Knowledgeable and skillful-They have the know-how skills for designing your interior; you have to tell them your expectations, and they will bring them to reality. They are experts and give their best in every project as they are aware of the importance of customer satisfaction.

2. Making your dream house real-You already have an idea how your home should look like, but you don’t know how you can bring it to reality. These experts will take your concept and bring it to the existence, ensuring that your expectations are fulfilled.

3. Saving your time-In this busy world, you cannot take care of yourself, and planning or redecorating your house will be a hectic task. The professional interior designer will save your time and make the job easy for you by deciding everything.

4. Detail-oriented-The veterans listed on the site are detail-oriented. They will look at every aspect that you will not be able to do by yourself. Lighting, furnishing, accessories, everything will be decided to keep in mind the overall look needed for the purpose.

5. Save your energy-The experts will help you design your home to bring down the total energy expenditure of your home and make it more energy-efficient.

6. Color combination-The talented experts have good knowledge about the color combinations that go together. It will help design your place with a perfect color combination so that it gives positive vibes.

7. Furniture-Professionals have an idea about which interior should be fitted with which kind of furniture, including its shape, design, material, and color, affect the room layout.

8. Decorative items-The professionals can suggest pretty decorative things that you don’t even know about. The accessories and decorative objects will be chosen to give an elegant look if you choose them correctly. Take the help of the professionals, and you will love your home décor.

9. Comfort-A happy place gives a happy vibe. It makes you feel more comfortable when your home is perfectly designed.

Interior designers in Hyderabad

Check out the list below to get an idea of the approximate charges of the interior designers in Hyderabad.

1 BHK (Rs.) 2 BHK (Rs.) 3/4 BHK (Rs.) Office (Rs.)
On the basis of per Sqft
30 - 50
50 - 70
70 - 100
60 - 120
Percentage of cost
6% - 12%
8% - 15%
12% - 16%
6% - 14%
Lump Sum amount
10,000 - 40,0000
40,000 - 60,000
70,000 - 1,40,000
60,000 - 1,60,000

Frequently Asked Question

The interior designer will plan your overall interior, including furniture design, wardrobe style, kitchen design, sofa set, accessories, decorative items, lightings, wallpaper, floor design, bathroom, and bedroom design.

There are many sources for getting interior designers online. One of the most popular sites is SurfIndia that has listed famous and reliable interior designers in your city.

Yes, the professionals will help you design the space to give maximum utility with the least space occupation and make your place spacious.

The preferable wood for furniture is oak, mahogany, pine, while bamboo can also be used for making some creative accessories.

Depending on the shape and design of the room, you can go for a free stand lamp, wall-mounted lamp, library lamp, scones, overhead lamps.

Interior Designer Services Near Hyderabad

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