Interior Designers in Chennai

You may live in a one BHK apartment or a three-story bungalow; your house will only feel your own if it will represent your style. There are many factors on which your style depends on from your mood to your personality. Interior designers are those skilled experts who can help you figure out your style and design your home in that manner. They give you various services like planning your space, designing the space as per the plan, and decorating the same. SurfIndia is a website that has enlisted the best Interior designers in Chennai. Explore the site and select the one that suits your requirement.

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Interior designers Services in Chennai

Everyone has a different taste and preference, we all have our separate style from our clothes to our cars then why live in a mainstream house. Just like your cupboard and your garage, your house should depict your personality. To convert your place from a house to home, a home that oozes your distinct style, we have lined up the finest Interior designer from Chennai. They will discuss your dream, budget, requirements, and constraints. To find interior designers services in Chennai, you should check out the online directory called SurfIndia. So, browse the site and hire interior designers at a budgeted price.

Some Important question to ask the shortlisted Interior Designers

Hiring an Interior designer is a big decision as you will be investing a lot of money so, before making a final decision, you should not hesitate to ask the question about the following things:

1. Qualification of Designer~Ensure that the designer you are working with highly qualifies in their respective field.

2. The portfolio of previous work completed~The previous work completed by them will give a brief idea about their level of expertise.

3. Pricing Plans or cost of services~One of the most important parts to discuss is their cost and if their cost will fit your limited budget.

4. Will the design involve structural alterations~If you are only planning to renovate your house, you must ask them if they are planning any structural alteration because these kinds of alterations will shake your budget and timeline.

5. Name of the sub-contractors they will use~The designer's job only consists of designing and decorating, so they will hire a subcontractor for all the manual work. Make sure to ask them about the sub-contractor they intend to use in your project.

6. The designer's personal style~Every designer has a personal style like some are pro in vintage style and others prefer the eclectic style. It's your job to ensure that the personal style matches your designer's personal style.

7. Timeline for the project~In the construction or renovation process, you will either leave the comfort of your home or stay in between uncomfortable fabrication before hiring the designing to ensure that the work will be completed in a a reasonable period of time.

Interior Designer Charger in Chennai

The approximate charges of Interior Designers in Chennai are:
1 BHK (Rs.) 2 BHK (Rs.) 3/4 BHK (Rs.) Office (Rs.)
On the basis of per Sqft
10 - 50
50 - 70
70 - 120
60 - 120
Percentage of cost
3% - 7%
7% - 10%
8% - 12%
8% - 13%
Lump Sum amount
10,000 - 25,000
25,000 - 50,000
50,000 - 1,50,000
50,000 - 1,50,000

Frequently Asked Question

Interior designers are license professionals; they design the home to include architectural changes, furnishing, and decoration. They work on the design of the home and style them to match the personality of the homeowner.

There are many advantaged of hiring interior designers; some of these benefits are:
  • Increased functionality of the house and sophisticated looking homes
  • You can save money by using their experience and avoiding error and trial methods.
  • Save you the time and efforts.
  • Efficient use of resources.
  • Well-lit home with the efficient placement of lighting.
  • Well-designed, beautiful home.

Yes, hiring an interior designer for a bedroom is a great idea as your bedroom is a place where you lose all your troubles, and the designer will ensure that your bedroom will give you peace of mind.

One can go with modern shades of grays and whites if they want classic bedroom ideas; you should choose earth colors like browns, greens, and maroon. If you want to create a chic look bedroom, then go with blue and yellow. These color palettes should not only be followed t walls, ensure that you are buying the matching furniture, curtains, and bedsheets as well.

Yes, you can surely design a house using the right references, but make sure you have the right skills because choosing the right color palette and furniture looks easier on paper than in real life. If you lack these skills, then you can easily hire an Interior designer at budgeted prices.