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Justice Is No More Delayed, Four Accused in Hyderabad's Rape & Murder Case Shot Dead by Police Today Morning

Posted on : 06th Dec, 2019

The Hyderabad Police has valiantly proved that the justice to the victimized women is no more delayed or denied. The four accused in the gang rape and murder case of a young veterinary doctor last week were shot dead by the police...Read More

Let Your Love Cross International Boundaries with Online Gift Delivery in Dubai

Posted on : 12th Nov, 2019

With the increasing career opportunities abroad, a significant number of people have relocated to the international countries to attain growth and prosperity in their life. Among all the international countries which have noticed...Read More

Celebrate Festivals of Lights with Special Diwali Gifts for Everyone

Posted on : 11th Oct, 2019

The blinking of the lights, the brightened up homes with oil-lit diyas, the beautiful colors of Rangoli on the floors, the sparkling festive clothes, and the fresh fragrance of the blooming flowers is what perfectly defines the most-awaited... Read More

Same Day Delivery: The Best Solution to Cope With End-Time Hustle of Rakhi Deliveries in India

Posted on : 09th August, 2019

The world is blessed with two kinds of people: one who dedicatedly works to fulfill their impending tasks before a deadline and the other ones who wait till the last minute to accomplish them. For the latter ones, the service of Rakhi... Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Online Rakhi Delivery for Worldwide This Rakhi 2019

Posted on : 15th July, 2019

The world of internet has given so much to mankind making their lives easier and comfortable day by day. The emergence of the online Rakhi shopping portals has incredibly transformed the landscape of the Rakhi shopping bringing... Read More

Kumbh Mela Prayagraj 2019: Everything You Want to Know About

Posted on : 19th January, 2019

India is a land of rich culture and avid worshippers who can travel any distances for the attainment of peace and spirituality. Similar is the situation at Prayagraj where millions of people have gathered on the banks of the sacred... Read More

Top 10 Valentine Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Posted on : 04th January, 2019

That moment when you feel that you are loved, there's a special kind of happiness and joy you start feeling. Valentine is one such moment when you can express that it feels great because you are loved and feels great to love.... Read More

Excited About 'Priyanka Ki Shaadi'? Here's What You Need to know About the Grand Wedding!

Posted on : 23th November, 2018

After the grand 'DeepVeer' wedding, here is another upcoming Bollywood wedding that is raising the level of excitement day by day. And it's Priyanka-Nick Wedding!! After dating each other for quite a long time, the couple... Read More

Here's why Diwali is Celebrated with Utmost Excitement & Zeal!

Posted on : 18th October, 2018

The excitement and zeal of Diwali celebration is something special! Of all the festivals celebrated in India, this one is the favorite of all. No matter if you are lying down in your couch or are attending an official meeting.... Read More

9 Apps that will Bring Positive Changes in Your Life

Posted on : 6th October, 2018

Technological revolutions in the last few years have not only transformed our life, but have added to the quality of our lives. We often count apps as the time wasters and simply as something that negatively impact our life... Read More

7 'Not-to-Miss' Movies - From BOLLYWOOD

Posted on : 14th September, 2018

If you love watching movies the most then Bollywood has to offer some interesting treats one after the other till the year 2018 comes to an end. Summing up all the major ones, we got a list of 7 not-to-miss Indian movies... Read More

Raksha Bandhan 2018 – Rakhi Auspicious Timing, Shubh Muhurat, and Everything you need to Know!

Posted on : 8th August, 2018

Raksha Bandhan beautifully celebrates the perennially never dying love shared between brothers and sisters. This bond is something that can never be compared with any other relationship in the entire Universe. While sisters... Read More

Father's Day Messages

Posted on : 6th June, 2018

A father is someone who makes our foundation strong thereby imparting the key strength to grow and become the best in life. He is the pillar of strength for each one of us without whom the building cannot stand as sturdily...Read More

Here's the Nitty-Gritty of Mother's Day

Posted on : 8th May, 2018

Mother's day is celebrated around the world but on different dates according to the calendar of that country. The day is basically celebrated to appreciate the love and appreciation of a mother and the dedication with which... Read More

Anna Hazare Hunger Strike: A Sneak Peek into the Day-wise Developments

Posted on : 29th March, 2018

Anna Hazare, India’s well known social activist with his fresh team of protestors, began on 23rd of March 2018, an indefinite hunger strike at the Ramlila ground. Here is a complete day-wise development in his protest against... Read More

The Entire Story of the Anna Hazare Indefinite Hunger Strike

Posted on : 28th March, 2018

The agenda of Anna hazare hunger strike of 2018 has shifted from the issue of the middle class to the suffering of the agrarian section of the country. The current indefinite hunger strike that Anna had started is different... Read More

Beware Folks....Air Pollution in Delhi may Persist Longer!!

Posted on : 09th November, 2017

Air quality index of the city has already gone high as much as 451 and surprisingly the maximum level is 500.
The doctors have already declared that walking in the present air of Delhi is not less than smoking 50 cigarettes a day!!
Schools have already been closed and the Deputy Minister of Delhi, Mr.Sisodia has urged people to avoid going out of their houses to protect themselves from the adverse levels of the high rise in the level of pollution...Read More

How to Link Your Mobile Number Online with Aadhaar

Posted on : 30th October, 2017

The deadline for linking mobile number with Aadhaar number: 6th February 2018!!
Though, you can still visit your nearest mobile store and complete the process of linking Aadhaar with your mobile number by registering biometrics, it is going to be more convenient for you with the commencement of the... Read More

Bigg Boss 11: Latest Gossips Happening inside the House

Posted on : 27th October, 2017

The show started off on 1st of October with a flood of gossips about the contestants much before they entered into the house of the big boss 11. The Bhabhi Ji Ghar par hai fame actress got face to face with one of the... Read More

Nirmala Sitharaman: Modi’s Durga is all Ready to Show her Capabilities as the New Defence Minister of India

Posted on : 06th September, 2017

Our country is probably walking on the path of an everlasting development with the induction of more and more women in the male dominated arenas like defence! It’s clear from the current move of the Modi Government... Read More

Gauri Lankesh: The critically Acclaimed Hindu Extremist and Journalist shot Dead in Bengaluru

Posted on : 06th September, 2017

Where is the democracy? Where is the right to expression? The soul of the constitution to express freely seems burnt dimly with the recent incident of the death of Gauri Lankesh, the Indian well-known Journalist... Read More

Arms Recovered at Dera Sacha Sauda HQ......What Else we Need to believe the Game that Baba Ram Rahim had Played!!

Posted on : 5th September, 2017

And, if we do not act mindfully at this point in time when everything is crystal clear on who to believe; you’re inner power or the so called “Baba”, then it’s useless for the people to shout at the Government... Read More

A Rakhi Bazaar: Dive Deep into to Various Aspects of Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Posted on : 29th July, 2017

The Raksha thread is similar to any other ordinary thread, but its essence is so very vast that nothing can be compared to its sanctity. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to fortify the bond shared between brothers... Read More

Observe this Raksha Bandhan with the Comeback of Ethnic Designs in Rakhi

Posted on : 14th July, 2017

Raksha Bandhan season is indeed the most lucrative period of the year. Its profitability and commercial importance is directly linked to the immense zeal and fervor, which is generally observed on every face... Read More