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Here's the Nitty-Gritty of Mother's Day

Mother's day is celebrated around the world but on different dates according to the calendar of that country. The day is basically celebrated to appreciate the love and appreciation of a mother and the dedication with which she nurtures the life of her children...

How is Mother's Day celebrated around the world?

Different people celebrate mother's day in different ways! While some would do it by finding the best mother's day gift, some would just throw a party and so on. Not only this day is celebrated as a reverence for the real mother but also for other mother figures like Mother-in-law, stepmother, a friend's mother, someone who has been a mother figure and alike. The word mother means someone who teaches you the basic etiquettes of life be it any area, and therefore all those who fall in that category must be given all the love on mother's day.

Here are some of the basic ways people show their love for mother on this special day…

  • - Gifting Mother's day cards
  • - Sending Mother's day messages
  • - Sending Mother's day wishes
  • - Organizing Family get-together
  • - Going for lunch, dinner, to a restaurant, café
  • - Writing Mother's day poems

In different countries around the world this day is celebrated and people of each of these countries have different ways of celebrating it. Like the people of China bring carnation flowers for their mother which is considered as the best Mother's day gift. Similarly, people of Samoa, organize dance and song performances on this day and make the celebration happen. People there celebrate the contribution of mothers to the society and its development.

Mother's day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In many countries like Canada, Australia and USA, mother's day is celebrated in second Sunday of May. While in United Kingdom, the day is observed just three weeks before the Sunday in which Easter falls. In these countries, also Sundays are usually non-working.

In many countries Mother's days is a declared public holiday. Like in Costa Rica, Georgia, Samoa, Thailand, mother's day is a public holiday and is celebrated on 15th August, 3rd March, 2nd Monday of May, 12th August respectively.

Here are the upcoming Mother's Day dates

YearMother's DayDate
2018SundayMay 13
2019SundayMay 12
2020SundayMay 10
2021SundayMay 9
2022SundayMay 8


The root of mothers' day is very ancient and from that very period there was a want of setting aside a special day for Mother's day celebration. It is with the devotion of a daughter Anna M. Jarvis from Philadelphia in 1907 that the Mother's day started to be observed around the world. Very soon people from villages, cities, towns and states started observing Mother's day. In the year 1914, dated 8th May, President Woodrow Wilson signed a deal to make mother's day celebration on the second Sunday of May. And, in a small span of time people started celebrating it worldwide.