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kriti Awasthi 03-January-2022

How To Maintain The Quality Of Garments at Home

It might be possible that you occasionally snag your jeans on something sharp or spill the tea on your favorite blouse; the most common reason you cannot keep clothes looking new is that you are washing them incorrectly.Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes without using water...

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surf india
Kriti Awasthi 29 May 2021

Important points you should consider before choosing a Best Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning is one of those work that we do without taking much stress, and we do it without thinking too much. But believe me, your clothes are the first thing that people notices about you, it makes your personality more attractive and..

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surf india
Kriti Awasthi 27 May 2021

How to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

With the pandemic of COVID-19 hitting the country for more than a year, the life of human beings has come to a halt. Services which made our lives easy (just like dry cleaner services) are more on a risky end as there is a great fear of getting infected by the contagious coronavirus...

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About Dry Cleaners

Wearing clean clothes is a need, not a choice so, going to the dry cleaners is mandatory for all of us, especially when we have to present ourselves on some important occasions like weddings, interviews, date-night, etc. We also visit dry cleaners to get expensive clothes cleaned or when we need to clean large fabrics like bed sheets, curtains, etc. Finding an expert dry-cleaner is a challenging task as we need someone who will know his way around clothes and will clean our clothes in a safe manner. SurfIndia has made an extensive list of dry cleaners that are professional and expert in washing clothes and maintaining their shine and longevity.

Frequently Asked Question

No, if done correctly, the process of dry-cleaning makes your clothes look new.
Yes, dry cleaning is helpful in removing every kind of stain from fabric.
There are 5 types of dry cleaning services:
  • Dry cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Laundry and folding
  • Laundry, ironing, and folding
Steaming is an effective and proven way to get rid of wrinkles from almost any fabric. It requires less space. And it also consumes less time and needless effort than ironing. There are plenty of other advantages to steaming that you can't get from using an iron. Ironing can offer you the best and crisp finishing for your clothes. But steaming offers you a better experience than those clothes which cannot be dry cleaned or laundered.
Different types of garments dry cleaned are:
  • Everyday clothes like T-shirts, jeans, etc.
  • Formal clothes like shirts, pants, etc.
  • Fancy clothes like saaris, suits, blazers, etc.
  • Bed sheets and curtains
Dry cleaners provide service of laundry, ironing, stain removal, etc. Some cleaners provide services of stitching as well.
Usually, it takes from a few hours to a few days depending on the time, occasion, and type of clothing given.
No, dry cleaning is one of the best methods used to keep your cloth safe. Dry cleaning helps you better protect the longevity of your clothing.
The advantage of dry cleaning is as follows:
  • It eliminates the consumption of water
  • Best in removing stains and oil
  • Uses solvent instead of water
  • Suitable for many fabrics
Dry cleaning is very effective in removing stains, oils, and creases from your clothes. It uses a solvent that gets vaporized before rapidly as compared to water. It helps you kill all the germs and keeps you safe from any infectious disease. Dry cleaning is gentler to clothes.