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Choosing the best dry cleaner near you should not just be based on the proximity of the cleaner to your home. It is a decision that should consider everything from pricing, availability, experience, and quality. But getting the reliable and best dry cleaner in Bangalore can be a tedious task for some. Being a Bangalore resident, there are lots of service providers, but the prime thing to consider is reliability. Not all promises you quality service, so where to get the fine one. SurfIndia is a portal that has enlisted many companies that offers dry cleaner services in Bangalore.

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Dry Cleaners Services in Bangalore

Most of us wash and clean our dirty clothes at home by using some basic detergents. But, some stubborn stains require special care, and only then can they be removed from the garments. Dry cleaning helps to return garments to a like-new condition. A professional dry cleaner takes precautions and prevents the cloths from shrinkage, loss of color, and change of textures. Dry cleaning has its perks and advantages. SurfIndia has listed many honest and professional dry cleaners on the site, offering natural dry cleaners services in Bangalore. All the listed companies have many years of serving experience, and they offer you the best services like picking, dry cleaning, and dropping your garments at an acceptable price. So, dig out the top service provider from the list and get the cleaning done firmly.

Steps followed by the dry cleaners after the picking up the Dirty Clothes

Dry cleaning is a washing process of clothes using a chemical solvent with minimal or no water. Thomas L. Jennings discovered the dry cleaning process. As the name implies, dry cleaning is not a dry process. Your clothes are soaked in a solvent like perchloroethylene, popularly known as perc. Perc is the most widely used solvent. Other valuable solvents can be trichloroethane and petroleum spirits, and these two are suitable for your precious clothes.

Kindly check out the steps mentioned below:

Sorting - First, the dirty clothes are sorted according to their fabric and stains with the thermal tagging on each cloth with a unique order ID.

Pre-wash - Now, each garment is inspected for any tough stains, and then they are treated with the suitable solvent based on the hardness of the dirt and stain.

Dry cleaning - Now, all these garments are washed in a unique wet dry clean washing machine that runs on a low-speed spin cycle. These machines use biodegradable and less-hazardous solvents other than water. And at the end of the process, a high temperature is used to evaporate the solvent.

Post-wash - The professionals appropriately check buttons or embroidery. Then, the dry cleaners use steam iron or hand-pressed based on the fabric of the clothes. Now garments are re-tagged and packed, then deliver to their respective location.

Dry cleaning can be beneficial for clothes made of delicate fibers such as silk, leather, and wool. It is also recommended for garments that should not be exposed to the heat of a tumble dryer for an extended period. Hire the best service provider and let them do the service under an affordable range.

Benefits of Professional Dry cleaning

Getting a trustworthy dry cleaner near you should not be taken lightly. After all, trusting dry cleaners with your wardrobe costs good money and ultimately can affect how you look and feel each day.

Here is a list of some checklists all should consider when choosing a dry cleaner near you. To help you to get the best service provider nearby.

1. Convenience: This is the first thing we all want from the dry cleaner that they offer us more comfort. From picking up the dirty clothes to the delivery of the garments at our home. Hiring a professional dry cleaner makes your work easy and stress-free. They will take care of the rest for you.

2. Colour and Brightness: Dry cleaning helps you protect your garment’s color, brightness and softness and be gentler than other cleaning methods.

3. Give more life to your clothes: Dry cleaning extends the life of your garment by removing tough stains and soils, which act as an abrasive on the fibers. Through dry cleaning them regularly, you are protecting your belongings.

4. Household furnishings: Many dry cleaners do not just clean dirty clothes. Many dry cleaners process household items such as blankets, comforters, bed sheets, pillows, rugs, and even upholstery and curtains.

5. Preservation: Many dry cleaners are proficient in the preservation of wedding gowns. Preservation is an essential type of storage that helps prolong the life of your clothes for years and years.

6. Upholstery: Some dry cleaners will even come to your place and if you’d like to clean the upholstery of your couch, chairs, and other furniture. The service providers have special equipment that allows them to clean your upholstery and curtains.

Frequently Asked Question

Everything comes up with some loopholes, so do dry cleaning. It does not prevent holes created by insects, pests, and acid.

No. Petroleum is not used as a solvent for dry cleaning. Most of the dry cleaners use PERC for dry cleaning. It is advisable not to use PERC, as it is toxic chemicals and might be dangerous for you.

Yes, dry cleaning is more expensive than basic laundry. But a professional cleaning service can be a good investment because dry cleaning protects your garments, adds extra life and shine to your garments.

Yes, dry cleaning removes tough and stubborn stains from your garments and provides extra life and shine to your clothes.

Here is the list of some natural stain removers. Kindly check them:
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Borax
  • Table salt

Dry Cleaners Services Near Bangalore