Time is a precious asset and often more valuable than money. No one wants to waste their weekend plans on cleaning their clothes. We all want to relax and work on other necessary chores, right? SurfIndia has enlisted many service providers that deal with dry cleaning and washing clothes with acceptable charges to handle all these problems of dirty clothes.

About Dry-cleaning

Spending a whole week in the office, we make many plans for weekends, and we do not want to let these washing and dry-cleaning issues come in the middle of the weekends and spoil our mood. Our site SurfIndia has indulged many dry cleaning service professionals, providing reliable and best service providers in the market. All the companies enlisted here are experienced in their field and consist of skilled members who care for your clothes and promise you to give the best result. These companies are trustworthy and have served clients and given satisfactory results. You can explore the site and filter out the best company as per their services, ratings, and previous customer reviews. Choose the best dry cleaning service provider that suits you and falls under your budget.

Approx. Dry Cleaning Service Prices

Are you looking for dry cleaners near me with prices? Surfindia.com has got you covered. Given below are the estimated dry cleaning rates as per the type of clothing or item. Please keep in mind that these rates may change depending upon of brand of dry cleaners in Noida, Mumbai, etc., additional services requested, quality, etc.

Items Prices
Men’s suit
Rs. 200 to Rs. 500
Men’s T-shirt
Rs. 80 to Rs. 100
Kurta and Pajama
Rs. 200 to Rs. 400
Women’s Saree
Rs. 300 to Rs. 400
Women’s Salwar and Duppata
Rs. 150 to Rs. 300
Rs. 150 to Rs. 250
Rs. 200 to Rs. 400
Rs. 100 to Rs. 350
Rs. 15 to Rs. 25 per sq. ft.
Bed sheet
Rs. 100 to Rs. 200

Things to Consider When Hiring Top Dry Cleaning Service Providers

Are you looking for "best dry cleaners near me" for reliable dry cleaning services? Many dry cleaning companies are available in the market, which can be very confusing. So, here are some essential things you can consider when choosing best dry cleaning services. You can also find professional dry cleaners on Surf India who offer their washing services at budget-friendly rates:

  • Cleaning methods used – The different dry cleaner shops in India use various agents to remove dirt from fabrics during dry cleaning. One of the common agents used by the best dry cleaners in India is perchloroethylene, or perc for short, which effectively removes oil stains and is non-inflammable. But, this agent is not very environmentally friendly. Another common agent used is liquid silicone which is very expensive.

  • Delivery – The dry cleaners you choose for the dry cleaning Gurgaon, Bangalore, or any other city properly deliver your clothes after the service. They must use place the coats, suits, etc., on hangers after dry cleaning to avoid creases during transport. The best dry cleaning services will neatly fold your clothes and deliver them in a paper bag or plastic sheet.

  • Compare prices – An essential factor to consider when choosing a company for dry cleaning online is to compare the prices of various companies. Please go through the various details of the dry clean service providers, such as their reviews and ratings, and shortlist a few companies. Compare the prices of these companies and pick the best dry cleaner which will suit your budget and needs.

  • Additional services – When choosing a dry cleaning service, you can also consider checking the other benefits apart from the basic dry cleaning. A professional dry cleaning company offers a one-stop solution by providing extra services which add popularity to their name. These additional dry cleaning facilities include washing services, repair and maintenance, odor removal, alteration, etc.

  • Loss or damage – India's best dry cleaning service providers take utmost care of your clothes during cleaning. They will check your clothing and other items before cleaning them and inform you of any stains that could not be removed. During dry cleaning, a professional company will notify you and offer you compensation in case of fabric damage. When you choose a dry cleaning service, ask how they deal with fabric damage during cleaning.

  • Experience – You must also consider the year of experience the dry cleaners shop has when choosing them to wash your garments. You must also read about to company to know how long they have been in this business.

Valuable Tips to Take Care of Dry Clean Clothes At Home

If you are looking for some DIY methods to take care of your dry cleaning clothes, then you can follow our simple guide which is given below:

  • Silk fabric – The first step in taking care of your silk clothes is to remove any stains of wine, coffee, etc. Then, soak the cloth in cold water for 30 minutes. To wash, fill up a sink with water with a liquid washing soap, add your silk fabric, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, rinse it with cool water.

  • Leather – Remember to check the label of your leather first. If it says “dry clean only,” you must send it for dry cleaning service. For the leather items that can be washed, you should first perform a spot test as some leathers leave behind a discoloration spot after washing. If you see no marks or discoloration spots, then wash the leather item in your washing machine with a delicate setting or hand wash it. Remember not to wring the leather item. It is best to gently press the water out.

  • Shirts – It is best to treat the stains on the cuffs and the necklines of shirts. If the stains are hard to remove then soak in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, turn the shirt inside out and put it in the washing machine, and set your machine’s temperature to warm water. Remember to wash all the shirts with same kind of colors only.

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