Dry cleaners in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a bustling city with a hive of activity. Everyone is busy with their studies and career. The living standards are pretty high. It is essential to wear well outfits so that you feel confident in front of others. People love to wear clean clothes but don’t have enough time to maintain the clothes. Here comes the role of dry cleaners. It is advisable not to clean expensive clothes with regular detergent as it can damage the fabrics. Dry cleaning will remove the stain and dust, taking care of the delicate material of the garment. If you are in search of dry cleaners in Ahmedabad, SurfIndia can help you out in this hunt. It has a catalog of the dry cleaning service providers nearby your area that provides efficient service.

Dry cleaner services in Ahmedabad

Dry cleaning uses solvent like PERC instead of water and is more proficient in removing the stain, ensuring there is no harm to the fabrics, and gives longer life to the clothes. SurfIndia has listed the renowned dry cleaners in most Indian cities. You can explore the site to get the most reliable and trustable service providers with SurfIndia. The listing has been provided after extensive research of the rating and reviews of the customers; hence they are genuine. They make sure to satisfy the customers with their professional work. You can get these facilities sitting comfortably in your room with just clicks of few buttons.

Here is a checklist to hire dry cleaning service-

Hiring a dry cleaning service is quite expensive, and you should always be careful about where you are giving your money.

These are some points to guide you hire the best dry cleaners in Ahmedabad-

1. Ask for a recommendation- You can ask your family and friends to suggest some reliable dry cleaning service from where they have taken service previously. You can rely on their advice. In this way, you will know the reputation of the firm and the quality of the services they offer.

2. Cleaning methods used- When you select a firm online for delivering the service, then go through the methods & chemicals used by them for the cleaning. You should have an idea about the products used by them are reliable or not. It may not be suitable for your clothes and cause damage, so be sure of that.

3. Rating & reviews- Don’t forget to check the rating and reviews of the previous customers on different sites. You may come through problems that have been persistent in the service through the ratings and reviews of the customers.

4. Experience of the work- The company with experience of many years will have a better quality of service than a newly growing business. You can check the profile of the company and have an idea about the experience of the firm that will help you a lot in determining its standard.

5. Guarantee of the work- Many firms give the assurance of their service. When there is any damage to your clothes, they take responsibility for it. You can explore the site of SurfIndia, and you will get many firms that provide a guarantee of the work. You can choose the service provider nearest to your location.

Dry cleaner charges in Ahmedabad

This table will help you get the approximate cost of dry cleaning in Ahmedabad-

Types of Clothes Ironing Washing Ironing & Washing Dry cleaning
Rs 10- Rs 15
Rs 10- Rs 20
Rs 20- Rs 40
Rs 100- Rs 200
Rs 10- Rs 50
Rs 35- Rs 50
Rs 40- Rs 60
Rs 200- Rs 350
Rs 100- Rs 300
Rs 150- Rs 500
Rs 20- Rs 35
Rs 200- Rs 400

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Dry Cleaners Services Near Ahmedabad

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