Dry cleaners in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams, and live there is very busy. The standards of living are high, and people dress nicely to impress the people around them. The expensive clothes worn for a special occasion are advised to be dry cleaned instead of cleaning it at home. Conventional cleaning can spoil the texture of the cloth. So if you are a Mumbaikar and want a perfect dry cleaning service for your exorbitant clothes, SurfIndia will help you get the best dry cleaner in Mumbai at ease and convenient way.

Dry cleaner services in Mumbai

Dry cleaning has some difference from the conventional cleaning method that makes it superior over it. Water is not used in dry cleaning; instead, solvents like PERC can remove the obstinate stains, oil, and grease from the clothes that detergent cleaning cannot remove. When you buy expensive cloth, the tag would warn you to wash with dry cleaning methods, and such garments should not be cleaned with regular detergent.

Advantages of dry cleaning-

Traditional washing of clothes is hectic procedure and if you have busy day it is not possible for you to wash your clothes regularly, then dry cleaning can be a good substitute. Here are some of the advantages of dry cleaning over the conventional process of detergent washing-

1. Stain removal- Dry cleaning uses complex methods and stain removing solutions to remove the stain from the clothes. The obstinate stains cannot be removed with regular washing; you can give them professional dry cleaner and see the magic.

2. Professional cleaners- The expert dry cleaners have good knowledge of fabrics and clothes, and they will ensure better cleaning of your garments.

3. Longevity- Regular dry cleaning will remove the dust particle and make the cloth cleaner that also increases the longevity of the fabrics—the life of the material increase when it is cleaned well.

4. Perfect finishing- The professional dry cleaners will work with a perfect finishing that gives your clothes a new appearance. They will iron the cloth excellently so you can just take it and wear it.

5. Household items- Some dry cleaners have expertise in cleaning the household items like blankets, curtains, and pillows that are difficult to clean by yourself.

6. Odor removal- If your clothes have an unpleasant odor, that can also be resolved by the experts. They use cleaning methods like ozone cleaning that pull out the unpleasant smell from the clothes.

7. Fabric care- The dry cleaning experts will use fabric-friendly solvent to remove the dirt and stains that are gentle to the fabrics and do not cause any damage to them.

8. Yellowing- You would have noticed that white clothes get becomes yellowish when it is clean regularly with detergent, with time these clothe losses their color and becoming pal yellow that looks dirty. Dry cleaning will remove all these yellowish colors and make your clothes shining and new.

9. Time saver- If you decide to clean the expensive clothes on your own, you may have to regret it later. It can cause damage to the material of your cloth and cost you a lot of time and energy. So it is better to work smart and give it to a dry cleaning service.

Dry cleaner charges in Mumbai

Here is a list of the average charges of dry-cleaning in Mumbai

Types of Clothes Ironing Washing Ironing & Washing Dry cleaning
Rs 10- Rs 15
Rs 10- Rs 20
Rs 20- Rs 40
Rs 120- Rs 200
Rs 10- Rs 30
Rs 25- Rs 35
Rs 40- Rs 60
Rs 220- Rs 270
Rs 100- Rs 180
Rs 150- Rs 300
Rs 20- Rs 35
Rs 150- Rs 300

Frequently Asked Question

No dry cleaning has no damage to your clothes; instead, it is a better method to clean your clothes than regular detergent washing as it removes deep stains, increases the life of the fabric, and gives a new-like look to the clothes.

No, there is minimum or no water use in dry cleaning; instead, solvents like PERC are used that evaporates faster than water.

It is not advisable to clean the dry clean clothes in the home as it can damage the material of cloth and cause it to shrink.

Dry cleaning is a method in which the clothes are cleaned using some solvent instead of water and detergent as generally done in the home. Some clothes get damaged when washed with detergent, again and again, dry cleaning methods can be used to clean such garments.

Eco-friendly dry cleaning is a method in which liquid carbon dioxide or other chemical is used for dry cleaning instead of conventionally used PERC.

Dry Cleaners Services Near Mumbai

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