Beauty Parlour in Bangalore

Do you have any event scheduled in the near future for which you are trying to find the best parlour service provider? Are you just trying to find someone who can provide you with your regular Beauty treatment? Are you looking for a comfortable place where you can spend a few hours getting pampered? If the answer to any previous question is yes, then you are at the right place. We have enlisted the best beauty parlour in Bangalore, so you can explore the list given on our website and select the perfect parlor for you as per your requirements.

Beauty Parlour Services in Bangalore

Everyone deserves some time off from their busy schedules to get pampered and spoiled. The best place to get self-care is a beauty salon. They have professional beauticians who are experts inproviding the respective services. But finding the perfect beauty salon is not an easy task; there aremany bogus salons opened in every corner of the city. so to help you in finding beauty parlourservices in Bangalore, we have prepared a list of the best salons. You can go through the list in shortlisting the ones that have high ratings and reviews and are providing services under your budget.

Best type of Facial for you

The best type of facial varies from person to person as everyone has different skin types. Any beautician so recommend you facial according to your skin type, and the recommendation would go something like this:

Dry skin: if you have dry skin, then a beautician would recommend a fruit-based facial as it will re-hydrate your skin and make it look healthier.

Oily skin: if your skin is oily, we will recommend a pearl facial as it would soak up the extra oil from your skin and remove the tanning.

Combinations of both or normal skin: The diamond facial works best for normal skin types as the main function of diamond facial is to give you glowing skin.

Acne-prone skin: if your skin is agreed upon, then you should get an anti-acne facial as the name suggests it will help with your acne problem.

Hairy skin: if you have excess hair growth on your face, we would recommend a gold facial to help you blend your hair with your skin.

Questions to ask before hiring your makeup artist

Whatever the event is, makeup artists are someone we never forget to hire. one thing we all agree about is that these artists know magic as they changed our look with just a few brushes here and there. But not all makeup artist are magicians; some of them are just horrible; to make sure you don't end up with the latter type of artists, we have prepared you a list of questions you must ask your cosmetologist before hiring them:

  • Never forget to ask your makeup artist about their professional qualifications.
  • Check out your shortlisted artist portfolio, which will give you an idea of their skillset.
  • Make sure that the price of the artist is in your budget.
  • What beauty products do they use.
  • Do they give trial appointment before the said event.
  • If the event is at a destination, then ensure that your artist would be able to travel to the said destination.

Beauty Parlour Charges in Bangalore

Here is the average charges of the various services offered in the parlours-

Services Budget product treatment charges (Rupees) High end product charges(Rupees)
Facial treatment
500 - 1000
800 - 4000
500 - 3000
2000 - 10000
Arms and legs Waxing
500 - 1500
1000 - 3000
Nail care services
200 - 1000
800 - 2500
Body care
500 - 2000
1500 - 5000
Hair care services
300 - 5000
1000 - 15000

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Beauty Parlours Services Near Bangalore

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