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Gurgaon is also known as the IT hub of NCR has people with busy lifestyle. It is difficult to spare time for self-care. It is important to keep your body in shape so that you are confident in front of the people. With regular beauty treatment you will feel flawless about your body with a positive vibe. It will help you rejuvenate and relaxed. If you are in search of hygienic beauty parlor in Gurgaon SurfIndia can help you get the most desirable salon nearby your location. You can explore the site and book the service to avoid last minute rush.

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Beauty parlor services in Gurgaon

SurfIndia is a highly-rated online platform that has a catalog of the trusted beauty parlor service providers in Gurgaon. You can check out the details of the services offered in the site. According to your requirement the suitable beauty salon will get in touch with you. So you can take the details and clear your doubts with the firm before you confirm the booking. The business listed here are well-known firms with good reputation in the market. They will provide array of services including hair care, nail treatment, facial, threading, waxing and many more from general grooming to advanced services.

How to choose a reliable beauty salon in Gurgaon?

Getting the most reliable parlor that offers the beauty treatment at a reasonable price is a tough grind. Either you can keep testing the beauty services of the different firms and select one of your choices or you can take help of SurfIndia and get only the reliable firms near you. Here are some tips to choose reliable beauty parlors-

1. Services and treatment offered- You should check the services offered by the parlor and whether it delivers the services you desire. You can the quality of the service offered. The treatment methods used should be reliable.

2. Experience of the employees- Experience plays a very important role in the perfection of the service quality. They are more skilled and reliable. They would have greater knowledge and expertise. Always go for the beauty salon with experienced beauticians.

3. Ratings & reviews- To be on the safe side always check the ratings and reviews of the firm before opting for treatment from it. It can give you hint about the flaws of the services.

4. Reputation of the parlor- The salon that offers satisfactory quality service will always have good reputation in the market. Choose the salon that has fame in the market.

5. Product brands- The brands of the products used for treatment have significant effect on the results of the treatment. Do remember to check the product quality and then decide which salon to select.

6. Charges- It plays a major role in the pick the parlor for you. The parlor with good reputation and high branded products will obviously charge you more, so decide how much you can afford for regular visits to the parlor then select the desirable firms.

Types of beauty treatment offered-

There are wide arrays of treatment services offered for different kind of skin requirements, like anti-aging treatment for wrinkly skin, tanning removal treatment, manicure or pedicure for hand & feet cleansing and many more.

Here is a list of different kinds of treatments offered by the firms.

1. Hair treatment- For making you hair look naturally flawless the beauticians will offer you hair spa or deep hair conditioning treatment that makes your hair moisturized and less frizzy. Styling hair will include straightening, hair color, and haircut services.

2. Facial- It will deep cleanse your skin, moisturize it and bring a glow to your face. You can get different facials for different kinds of skin problems for example instant glow treatment for occasions, bleach, skin tightening treatment, cleanups, anti-tanning, hair removal and many more.

3. Waxing- It removes the unwanted growth of hair from the body and make your body look pleasing. Different kinds of waxing service is available that uses various grade of products like aloe vera waxing, chocolate waxing, rica waxing, sugar waxing etc. These will differ in prices and quality.

4. Manicure and pedicure- These treatments will keep hands and feet cleans and moisturized. It removes the dead cells and shapes the nails to make it look lively.

Beauty parlor charges in Gurgaon

Given below is a list of the beauty parlor charges in Gurgaon:

Services Budget product treatment charges (Rupees) High end product charges(Rupees)
Facial treatment
200 - 600
600 - 4000
500 - 3000
2000 – 10,000
200 - 600
600 - 2500
Nail care services
200 - 600
600 - 2000
Body care
400 - 900
800 - 5000
Hair care services
200 - 600
1000 - 8000

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, many firms listed here offer home services.
The beauticians will suggest you haircut that will suit you face cut & shape. So you don’t need to worry about this.
Yes most of the salons listed on SurfIndia will accept online payment methods.
You can go to the profile of the firm check the services offered by the parlor and its charges.

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