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Jatin Khurana

Wrote a review 14/05/2022 07:28

Real Secure Pest Control

Courteous & Impressive Wonderful job without charging much.

Kamlesh Sharma

Wrote a review 14/05/2022 07:22

Real Secure Pest Control

Great service I am very impressed by the pest control services provided to me by Real Secure Pest Control They were superb.

Pestrid Naturals

Wrote a review 06/07/2021 02:49

Natural Green Pest Control

Natural Pest control services in Chennai Pest Rid Naturals is an expertise unit, offering its valuable services in the fields of Pest Control for the past 29 years. We utilise this experience to create customised plans to safeguard your home and business establishments from pests. We provide guaranteed effective solutions with professional work at a reasonable price. Visit our site for more info:

Natural Pest control services in Chennai

Ram Pravesh

Wrote a review 09/06/2021 12:36

Sai Samarth Pest Control

Very good The service provider has done termite treatment at my place. And the service was quite effective and satisfactory. I hope I won't face any problems again.

Rakesh Bisth

Wrote a review 09/06/2021 12:34

Sai Samarth Pest Control

Good I was facing issues with termites. Sai Samarth Pest Control has done very effective services at my place. They had charged me very nominal for the pest treatment. I got a satisfactory result-oriented service.

Shivansh Verma

Wrote a review 09/06/2021 12:33

Sai Krupa Pest Services

Amazing Sai Krupa Pest Services has done rodent treatment at my residence. They sprayed some eco-friendly chemical in the holes and cracks. For this treatment, they have given me 6 months warranty. Hope I will not face any issue within the warranty period.

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About Pest Control

Looking to get pest control? You came to the right platform. At SurfIndia, we understand your need for getting reliable and safe pest control professionals. We have enlisted the best professionals in your local area; these companies will surely be able to help you get rid of these harmful unwanted guests. The pest control services include Termite Pest Control, Bed Bugs Control, Ant Control, Mosquito Control, etc. They will not only destroy your home but also is a big threat to the health of your family. So, to lead a healthy life, get your house pest-proofed at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Question

Pest control means getting rid of pests that enter the home or workplace of a human and cause harmful effects on human health and life.
Getting pest control is important as the pests carry various diseases in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, and they also destroy your home and belongings.
In physical pest control, one tries to get rid of them by using physical detection of pests and using different ways to evacuate them, whereas, in chemical pests control, one sprays the chemical in their homes and kills or removes the said pests. The chemical method is more practical and feasible.
While selecting the best Pest Control Services, ensure to keep these things in mind:
1. License: Check if the company is licensed by the state pesticide regulatory office.
2. Experience: Ask them about their experience and the successful pest control they have done.
3. Ratings: Check their reviews and rating from their official website and old customer.
4. Website of Company: Check their official site and ensure that they have a proper office address and other documents.
5. Treatment Method: Ask them about the treatment method they are going to use.
6. Safety Procedure: Ask them about their safety equipment and environmental risks.
Normally, it has been recommended to get pest control done every four months. The professional can suggest a longer or shorter duration depending upon the level of infestation.
To enlist a company, one should follow the given steps:
  • Click ?get a free listing? on the top right corner home page.
  • Fill in the business details and submit all necessary documents.
  • Wait for approval while the SurfIndia will do complete verification of your business.
  • After approval, your business will be enlisted on the website.
We cover all the major cities of India:
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Gurgaon
  • Noida
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Jaipur
  • Pune
Yes, we verify the genuineness of business and then enlist them on site.
SurfIndia's primary objective is to connect buyers and sellers/service providers. You can increase your visibility by enlisting your business here.