Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control or Biocontrol is controlling the growth of the pests by using other organism. We have to simply put the enemy or predator of the pest in the area which will ultimately check the growth of these pests. This can be done in many ways like introducing the other animal that feeds on these pests or pest specific bacteria that kills it. Since we are using natural agent, there is no need of chemicals and hence, it is more eco-friendly as compared to chemical treatment. Here is a list of companies providing this service.

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About Biological Pest Control

Pests have always been enemies of humans. They carry disease with them and contaminate our surrounding. For a long time, chemical methods of pests control was used by humans to control their growth but it led to development of chemical resistant pest that are not affected by these chemicals. Hence, a novel method of controlling the pest emerged called biological pest control. Biological pest control is the natural way of eliminating the pests without use of chemicals, in an environment friendly manner. It provides long term solution for pest control and there is no worry about development of chemical resistant pests. Natural predator of the pests is introduced in the environment to control their growth. In recent time, many new techniques to control the pest in biological ways emerged and a lot of companies provide biological pests control services.

Frequently Asked Question

It is a natural way of eliminating the pest by using living organisms to reduce the growth of the pests.
Biological method of pest control is the use of one organism to control the population of the other organism. Methods are-

a) Predator -The organism which feeds on pest is introduced.

b) Parasite and pathogens- These organism lives inside the pest body and kills them.

Following are the advantages of biological pest control-

A) No use of chemicals

B) Long term protection from the pests

C) No worry about development of chemical resistant pests

D) Eco-friendly

It depends on the bioagents used for the treatment. But if you look for long term treatment, it will prove to be very inexpensive.

Biological pest control uses another living organism to kill a pest, so there is no use of chemicals hence it is more eco-friendly. Also the chances of pests becoming resistant is significantly lowered.