Rodent/Mice/Rat Control

Your suffering from Rodent infestation can end with our highly professional and highly skilled rodent control services. You don’t need to try home remedies anymore; these experts will get rid of these ugly creatures using scientific methods. And keep you and your environment safe from any future intruders by sealing all their entry points and removing their homes inside your home.

About Rodent/Mice/Rat Control

Rodents, Mice, and Rats are the worst intruders; they invade your home, destroy your belongings and leave a trail of destruction behind them. Not only do they destroy valuable possessions, but they also spread deadly diseases like Hantavirus, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus, Plague, etc. They can also cause a huge loss to business because having these creatures in the office is considered disobedience of law resulting in fines and charges. To help you stay safe and keep your business safe, we have scouted the best pest control companies that work in rodents/mice/rat control. They will remove these harmful beings from your home, office, shop, or warehouse and will make sure to close all their future entries.

A Guide to Hiring Rats and Mice Control Services in India

Rats and mice are one of the most bothersome pests in your home or business. Once they enter, they start damaging your goods like furniture, fabric, floors, etc. It is imperative to get rid of them from your home as they are more than a nuisance. Rodents like mice or rats can spread more than 30 diseases which can spread when a human comes in contact with rodent feces, saliva, or bites. The diseases can also be spread from rodents to humans through fleas or mites that feed on infected rodents. Some of the dangerous diseases which can be spread through rodents include Salmonella, Hantavirus, Tularemia, etc. This is why rodent control services are necessary to keep you and your family safe from such diseases.

So, if you have an active rat or mouse infestation in your home, in that case, you must contact professional rodent/mice/rat control in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Cochin, or wherever you reside to get rid of these pesky rodents right away. You can easily find the best pest control companies if you search “rat control services near me,” or you can also find reliable pest exterminators on our website. All you have to do is share your requirements of services and your contact details, and we will connect you with the best rodent control in Bangalore, Thane, Delhi, etc. You can compare the quotes and contact the exterminator for free inspection and treatments.

Estimated Charges of Mouse and Rat Control Services in India

A rodent infestation in your home or workplace can be a massive headache. If you want to get rid of them quickly, you must seek professional rodent control services in Chennai, Mumbai, etc. Given below are the approximate charges for mouse and rat control services they offer:

Size of House Rat/ Mice Control Charges
Rs. 400 to Rs. 500
Rs. 600 to Rs. 750
Rs. 800 to Rs. 900
4/5 BHK
Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,200

The charges mentioned above are not fixed as the cost of rats or< mice control in India depends on various other factors, which are given below:

  • The size of the infestation is one of the most crucial factors which influence the cost of rodent control. Treating a vast rat infestation will cost more chemicals and equipment than a small infestation.

  • The mouse or rat control service charges are also a cost-affecting factor. This is because the method of extermination, like rodenticide or fumigation, has different rates which affect the total treatment cost.

  • The type of pest-infested in your office or home also affects the rats or mice treatment services, as the cost of terminating rodents is different from the cost of ant treatment,cockroach control, etc.

  • Sometimes, certain pests require multiple treatments to eliminate them from your property entirely. So, the frequency of a pest control treatment may also affect the rats or mice control charges.

How to Identify a Rats or Mice Infestation?

If you suspect an active rodent infestation in your home or workplace, you can go through the signs of rats and mice infestation given below to be sure. You can also contact our expert rat and mice control service providers for a free inspection and hire their services to eliminate the bothersome pests.

  • Droppings – Rats or mice droppings are one of the most common signs of a rodent infestation. If you find tiny droppings that are shiny and dark brown or black, this indicates an active mouse or rat infesting your home, a sign to call the rat control services in your area.

  • Chew marks – When you have an active rodent infestation, you will also find chew marks on fabric, wood, books, newspaper stacks, and other goods in the house.

  • Odor – A mouseor rat infestation also causes a musky odor in the areas of your home where they are hiding. This odor worsens as the infestation grows. You may also notice a rotting smell due to a dead mouse or rat. In that case, it is advised that you seek professional help to remove the dead rodents. Make sure to wear a pair of gloves and a mask if you want to do this independently.

  • Holes – You may find small holes near the doors, walls, or furniture in your home. Rodents chew off walls and other goods to make new entry points and ways to go around in your home.

  • Noise – Hearing scratching or gnawing noises in your home or business is another significant indication of a rodent infestation. You will hear these noises in ceilings, under furniture, etc.

Reasons for Rats or Mice Infestation at your Home

Given below are some of the reasons for mice or rats infestation in your home:

Food – Rats or mice are always searching for food, and if they find bits and pieces of food lying around, they will keep coming into your home. It is best to throw out, or clean food spills to keep the rodents away.

Trash – Having a lot of clutter in your home becomes a good hiding spot for rodents. They also look for thrown-away items to use in making their nests.

Water – Like all animals, rodents also need water to survive. So, they enter your home for a source of water which can be dripping pipes, sprinklers, pet water bowls, etc.

Things to Consider When Hiring Rodent/Mice/Rat Control Services

Finding the suitable mice and rat control service providers is significant because you want only proficient and trustworthy companies which will effectively remove rodents from your home. So, when you search for a pest control service providers in India for rats or mice control, ensure to keep the following things in mind:

1. Research the pest exterminators – It is essential to visit rodent control service websites to read about their reviews and ratings. Also check the years of experience they have.

2. Rodent treatment charges – Before hiring any rat or mice treatment services, it is best if you discuss the prices of various companies. Compare these prices and choose one which matches your requirements.

3. Pesticides used – The pest controllers may use some chemicals which may be harmful to you, your children, or pets. So it is essential to ask them what methods or chemicals they use for mouse or rat treatment before hiring them.

4. Licensed company – Make sure that the company you choose for rodent/mice/rat control in Chennai, Mumbai, etc., is licensed, as a GST registration, and has qualified personnel.

5. Treatment report – The best company for mice control or rat treatment will provide you with full information of the treatment done for your home or business. They will mention the elimination methods and if follow-up treatment is required.

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