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Surfindia has listed the best ant control service providers to help you in ants control at your home or office with efficiency. Ants like to live in colonies so, if you find one ant in your home, then chances are they have a big colony nearby. These little creatures create inconvenience and befoul the uncovered food and surfaces of your home. One needs to get rid of these repulsive beings, and this can only be achieved by hiring ant control experts. So, explore these competent professionals on SurfIndia and hire the best one.

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About Ant Control

We have grown up watching ants in our homes or surroundings, and most of us consider them annoying and a nuisance, but do you know that ants can be dangerous to health as they spread bacteria? Ants can contaminate the uncovered food and pose a threat to your health. Also, there is a type of ant that feast on wood so they can damage your furniture, these ants are called carpenter ants, and they create tunnels inside the wooden furniture. Ants are not only a threat in themselves, but they also attract other pests like spiders, lizards, beetles, and flies. To exterminate the ants completely, you will need trained professionals who can find the colony of these creatures and terminate them from the source.

Frequently Asked Question

If you get pest control service from our professional exterminators, they assure you to make your premises free from ants in one week. But on average, it usually takes several weeks or months to get rid of the ants.
You can use a blend of vinegar and water and spray it on the floor, or you can wipe out the affected area with this solution. White is the best opponent of the ants, and you can also use it to kill the ants, as it is a proven solution against ants.
Try using the following important steps to stop the ant:
  • Keep your home premises clean
  • Deploy Ant baits around your house
  • Control Ant colonies in near your house area
  • Remove Ant trails
  • Spray repellent in the cracks, entrances of your houses
There are many foods that ants don't like to counter in their life, like Cinnamon, Mint, Chili pepper, Black pepper, Cloves, and garlic. Then, you can also treat your home premises in the same manner. Placing bay leaves in drawers, containers can also help to terminate ants.
Yes, killing an ant attracts more, as this happens because when you squish an ant, they release chemical name pheromones that signal that they are in danger. So other ants respond quickly and warn their group about the termination or danger.
Kindly explore all the important tips to get rid of ants:
  • Boiling water: You can use boiling water and pour the boiling water on their nest. This will quickly terminate the ants.
  • Vinegar: Mix vinegar and water in 50:50 ration and spray it on the ants. Let them get saturate first and, after one hour, wipe out all the dead ants.
  • Water: Soak the colony of ant for around 30 minutes with water, saturating the soil. This will also be effective in vanishing the ant's colonies outside your house.
  • Boric acid: Boric acid acts as a super repellent, and ants hate it most. It can be used to get rid of ants.
  • Chemical and killers: You can use some chemicals or contact a professional pest control team. They will do the favor for you and let your premises free from dangerous ants.