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Surfindia has listed the best ant control service providers to help you control ants at your home or office efficiently. Ants like to live in colonies, so if you find one ant in your home, they have a big colony nearby. These little creatures create inconvenience and befoul your home's uncovered food and surfaces. One needs to get rid of these repulsive beings which you can only achieve by hiring ant control experts. So, explore these competent professionals on SurfIndia and hire the best one.

About Ant Control

We have grown up watching ants in our homes or surroundings, and most of us consider them annoying and a nuisance, but do you know that ants can be dangerous to health as they spread bacteria? Ants can contaminate the uncovered food and pose a threat to your health. Also, there is a type of ant that feasts on wood so they can damage your furniture, these ants are called carpenter ants, and they create tunnels inside the wooden furniture. Ants are not only a threat in themselves, but they also attract other pests like spiders, lizards, beetles, and flies. To exterminate the ants completely, you will need trained professionals who can find the colony of these creatures and terminate them from the source.

Best Pest Control Companies for Ant Treatment on Surf India

Did you spot a trail of ants in your home? Are you looking for a way to get rid of them? Having ants in your home can be frustrating as once they enter your home, are not easy to get rid of. They spoil food items and can also spread bacteria around the house. There are numerous ant control remedies that you can follow, but sometimes it is better to seek professionals for ant control services. Such companies have a lot of experience in providing effective services for ant control, rat control, termite control, and other pest control services. You can search "ant control near me" to find your area's top pest control companies.

If you are looking for professionals for ant control in Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, etc., then Surfindia is here to help you. It is a famous online directory where one can find a vast array of service providers for pest control and bakeries, interior designers, dry cleaners, etc. We have avast list of the best and most trusted ant treatment companies in several cities that offer effective services at very affordable prices. These companies are also genuine and verified by our team. To get started, share your requirements with us on our portal, and we will provide you quotes for ant control at home or business. You can compare the quotes and company experience, reviews, etc, andpick the one according to your needs.

Estimated Charges of Ant Control Service

IIf you have an ant infestation in your home and want to get rid of these pesky insects quickly, you should hire professional pest control services. Given below are the rates for ant treatment in India for reference. Please keep in mind that these charges differ based on the brand of ant control in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc., infestation level, and other cost determinants.

House/office size Charges
Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000
Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,400
Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 1,600
4/5 BHK
Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,500
Office and commercial property
Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 per Sq. Ft.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Ant Control Services in India

Below are some factors that affect the cost of ant control services in India:

  • Type of pest – The cost of termite, cockroach, rodent, or ant control at home or office depends on the type of pest infestation. Different tools and chemicals may be required to eliminate the different kinds of pests. For ants, the pest control companies may use specific brands and tools to eliminate them.

  • Size of the house/office – The size of your home is an important element that determines the cost of ant control services. The bigger the house or office, the more time will be needed by pest company staff to inspect your property.

  • Infestation level – The level of ant infestation is another determinant that affects the cost of ant control services. When dealing with an infestation of cockroaches or termites, the service providers will take a lot of time since these bugs are tough to get rid of. The service company won't take much time for ant control since they are easy to detect.

  • Treatment methods used – The type of treatment you choose to get rid of ants in your home or business is another cost affecting the head. Some ant treatments are very effective and may help get rid of these pests only in one visit by pest control companies. But these treatments can be expensive. Other ant treatments are inexpensive and may be effective after two or three visits from the pest control service providers.

  • Location – India's top ant control service companies will also charge depending on your location. They may charge you more or less based on the distance they have to travel from their office to your place. If you live near the pest control office, they will charge you less, or if you live outside of town, they may charge you more.

Reasons for Ants Infestation in Your Home

Ants like other insects can also spoil your food and also spread bacteria in your house. Seeing ants in any corner of the house can be frustrating as no one wants insects scurrying in their house. Given below are the reasons for an ant infestation. If you want a quick solution, then hire the best ant pest control service providers on Surf India at affordable rates.

  • Food source – One of the reasons for a sudden ant infestation in your home can be that there is an open or unsealed pack of food somewhere in the house. Ants usually explore different corners of the house in search of food. They are attracted to many things like breadcrumbs, sugar, honey, and food wrappers with bits of food stuck in them. After finding the food sources, the ants leave a scent for other ants to follow to the food source. If you are thinking about how to control ants, make sure to seal food in air-tight containers or seal food packets.

  • Weather – Several studies show that weather is also one of the reasons for ants in your home. You may have noticed that the ant infestation increases when the weather is rainy or very hot and dry. You won’t see ants in your home during the winter seasons as they are dormant in cold weather and become very active from October to March when the climate is hot.

  • Water source – Water is an essential source of survival for the biggest to tiniest creatures on earth. The same goes for the pesky ants. A small pool of water is enough to attract ants t keep their ant colony thriving. So, keep the areas around windows, doors, and sinks clean and without moisture for ant control at home or office.

Benefits of Hiring Ant Control Services from SurfIndia

If you are facing an ant infestation and want to hire pest extermination services for ant control, consider choosing us. Following are the benefits of choosing our pest control service companies.

Effective Results – You may try some home remedies to get rid of ants from your home, but in case of a major infestation, it is best to seek the help of professional ant control services. Surfindia's ant control companies use the latest tools and equipment to keep the pests at bay and have definitive results.

Save money – You will save more money when you hire our professionals for ant control as they offer their services at very affordable prices. Consider hiring our professional company instead of buying ant repellants or things for DIY remedies for best solutions for ant control at home.

Follow-up treatments – Surf India's top ant control companies will also provide follow-up treatments. Pests may be gone for a long period after the treatment, but sometimes they come back. Our ant control service providers will ensure your house is ant-free with their follow-up treatments.

Professional staff – The staff working with our ant control service providers is trained and knows how to handle any level of ant infestation, be it mild to severe. They will provide top-quality service in residential and commercial places with effective results.

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