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Noida is one of the most developed cities in the NCR region, and it’s also one of the highest-earning regions. There are many businesses developed in this area due to which many people are staying here, some of them local while most of them are from all around the country. When people start residing in a place, they will start needing many services. One of these services is Pest Control as the pests are annoying little creatures that follow people everywhere. SurfIndia has enlisted all the pest control service providers on the website to help you find the best Pest Control Noida. So, explore the said list and get the required services.

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Pest Control Services in Noida

Your health and safety are our utmost priority, and that is why we have enlisted the most reliable and trustworthy companies serving pest management services. Now, you don’t have to take a risk with the health of you and your family as you can explore the list and hire the best pest control in Noida. You can choose the best exterminator in Noida by checking out the ratings and reviews provided on the website.

Benefits of Pest Control

When you are coming home after a stressful and tiring day, all while planning to get some rest, but on entering the house, if you find insects, rats, or any other pest loitering in your safe space. All your mood gets spoiled, and any plan of rest takes a dive. This is the time when you understand when how annoying these creatures can be. There are numerous benefits of getting pest control services in Noida. Some of these benefits are:

Risk of illness-These pests pose a health hazard as they contaminate the food in the house.

Cleanliness- You can clean your house all you want, but still, this pest will make your home unclean.

Safeguarding the property-Many pests, especially termite, pose a significant threat to your property as they make their tunnel in walls and wooden furniture and ultimately destroys them.

Stress-free mind-These pests are exasperating creatures; getting rid of them will make your peace of mind return.

Tips to Prevent Pests in Homes

Now there are many of you searching for pest control near me, but before getting the services, you should follow these tips to prevent the entry of these ugly creatures into your home;

Seal the entry points-Seal all the entry points like holes in the wall or space indoors to stop the pests from entering.

Water management-Make sure to remove any water stored in the property as it will become the breeding ground for the pests.

Leftover or rotten food-Remove any kind of rotten food and pack away the leftovers cause the pests will feed on that food.

Sanitation of pets-Keep your pets clean so that they don’t bring any pests into the house.

Garbage removal-Your garbage is pests treasure, keep that in mind and remove the garbage regularly.

Pest Control Charges in Noida

While choosing the Pest Control Company on SurfIndia, there are many options available with you, and all these options are charging different prices. By keeping all of these companies in account, we have prepared a list of average Pest Control Charges in Noida;

Services 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK
Bedbug Management
Rs 800 - Rs.2,000
Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 3,000
Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 5,000
Cockroach Management
Rs 300 – Rs.1,000
Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 1,500
Rs 1,500 – Rs. 2,000
Rodents/Rats Management
Rs 300 – Rs.1,000
Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 1,800
Rs 1,800 – Rs. 2,500
Ant Management
Rs 300 – Rs.800
Rs. 800 – Rs. 1,800
Rs 1,800 – Rs. 2,500
Mosquito Management
Rs 1,000 – Rs.2,000
Rs 2,000 – Rs. 2,800
Rs 2,800 – Rs. 3,500

Frequently Asked Question

In chemical pest control, Chemicals are sprayed in the house or environment where the infestation is taking place. These chemicals are dangerous and toxic, which eventually kills the pest.

In biological pest control, The natural enemy of pests is introduced in the environment, and these enemies eventually remove the pests.

There are many factors that affect the prices of pest control. Few of those factors are:

a) The size of your house

b) Level of infestation

c) Type of method used

d) Number of treatments taken

Yes, pests are dangerous for health as they are the carrier of many diseases. These contaminate the food and surface of the house with the bacteria and viruses of these diseases.

Generally, around 3 treatments are needed to remove bed bugs permanently, but if the infestation is high, then more than 3 treatment may be required.

No, pest treatment is not safe for your pet as pets are inquisitive in nature, and there are high chances that they eat or lick the sprayed chemical. It is advised to keep your dog away after a few hours of treatment.

Pest Control Services Near Noida