Pest Control in Ghaziabad

Let's face it, and no one wants to have a face-to-face with any kinds of pests in their home. They are annoying, carry harmful pathogens, and creates terrible situations. So, hiring a skilled and knowledgeable team of pest control in ghaziabad can be beneficial for you and your family. SurfIndia is a getaway that has listed many reliable and experienced company that offers pest control services in Ghaziabad. The listed companies on SurfIndia are verified and have been providing their services with honesty for past many years. And they gained many satisfied clients by giving them world-class pest control services in ghaziabad.

Pest Control Services in Ghaziabad

Is one of India's famous cities, and if you are facing issues with pestswhile living there, then hiring an exterminator can be a great decision. Pests are dangerous and are home to many diseases that carry many harmful parasites, cause many health problems, and sometimes lead to death. Searching for pest control in Ghaziabad is such a problematic task due to it being a big city. So, SurfIndia is a one-stop answer to all your pest-related questions. SurfIndia has enlisted much agency that promises you best pest control services in Ghaziabad under an acceptable price range. They do proper planning and use a suitable method before the execution of treatment.

Why you Need Professional Pest Control Service Provider in ghaziabad?

Hiring skilled and professionals for pest control has its own added advantages as they have broad knowledge and know-how to tackle pests. Here are some reasons to hire professionals. Kindly go through it:

Do it Yourself is temporary: If you think that going to shops and picking some bug or termite spray will resolve your pest issue, then you are wrong. You are just terminating them on a ground level. They need proper treatment, and only professionals can do that for you.

Pests can be deadly for your family: Rats carry Hantavirus, and other pests carry Zika virus to Lyme disease. And they can be fatal and poses a threat to you and your family. So, it is advisable to contact skilled people as they know how to deal with them proficiently.

Pests can cause damage to your house: As professionals are very much familiar with different kinds of pests in the environment. So hiring a skilled person will tell you the exact reason behind the pests attack, and they will terminate the pests with efficiency and saves your furniture and house from damage.

Hiring professionals can save your money: Hiring a skilled and professional service-providing company will adequately guide you and promises to give you the best result in a single treatment. As they have vast knowledge about pests and chemicals, so you do not need to spend more money for another treatment. The professionals will help you in saving your capital.

Types of Pests

  • Termite Pest Control
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • Ant Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent/Mice/Rat Control
  • Bee Hive Removal
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Spider Control
  • Locust Control
  • Cockroach Control

Pest Control Charges in Ghaziabad

If you are willing to find an average Pest control cost in Ghaziabad, then you can check out the table mentioned below:

Services 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK
Bedbug Control
Rs 1,000 - Rs.2,000
Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 3,000
Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 3000
Cockroach Control
Rs 500 – Rs.1,000
Rs. 700 – Rs. 1,500
Rs 1,000 – Rs. 1500
Rodents/Rats Control
Rs 500 – Rs.1,000
Rs. 700 – Rs. 1,500
Rs 1,000 – Rs. 1500
Ant Control
Rs 500 – Rs.1,000
Rs. 700 – Rs. 1,500
Rs 1,000 – Rs. 1500
Mosquito Control
Rs 1,500 – Rs.2,000
Rs 1,800 – Rs. 2,500
Rs 1,500 – Rs. 3,000
Bees Control
Rs 700 – Rs. 1,500
Rs 1,000 – Rs. 1,500
Rs 1,500 – Rs. 2,000
Termite Control
Rs 4,000 – 6,000
Rs 5,000 – Rs. 7,000
Rs 6,000 – Rs. 8,000

Why choose Surf India?

  1. Extensive Listings: Surf India features a wide range of pest control companies serving Ghaziabad and its surrounding areas. From large-scale firms to local specialists, you'll find a diverse selection of service providers to suit your specific needs and budget.
  2. Verified Expertise: We understand the importance of working with qualified pest control professionals who can deliver effective results. That's why each listing in our directory is thoroughly vetted to ensure that the companies listed have the necessary licenses, certifications, and experience to handle various pest control challenges.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Searching for pest control services has never been easier! Our directory offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly browse through listings, compare services, read reviews, and contact providers directly—all in one convenient platform.
  4. Transparent Reviews: Make informed decisions with the help of transparent reviews and ratings at Surf India from real customers. Hear what others have to say about their experiences with different pest control companies in Ghaziabad, helping you choose the best fit for your needs.
  5. Convenient Contact Options: Ready to connect with a pest control expert? Surf India provides multiple contact options, including phone numbers, email addresses, and website links, making it easy to reach out to companies directly to discuss your pest control needs.

Factors Affecting Pest Control Charges in Ghaziabad:

  • Type of Pest: Different pests require different treatment methods and levels of intervention. For example, controlling termites may involve extensive treatments like soil treatment, while controlling ants or cockroaches may require less intensive measures.
  • Severity of Infestation: The extent of the pest infestation plays a significant role in determining the cost of pest control. A minor infestation may only require a single treatment, while a severe infestation may necessitate multiple visits and more extensive measures, thus increasing the overall cost.
  • Size of the Property: The size of the property being treated can impact the cost of pest control services in Ghaziabad. Larger properties typically require more time, labor, and resources to treat effectively, leading to higher charges.
  • Type of Treatment: The choice of treatment method can also influence the cost. Some pest control methods, such as chemical treatments, may be more expensive than non-chemical alternatives. Additionally, eco-friendly or organic treatments may come at a premium compared to traditional methods.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility of the infested areas can affect the complexity of the job and, consequently, the cost. Difficult-to-reach areas may require additional effort and specialized equipment, leading to higher charges.
  • Frequency of Service: Depending on the severity of the infestation and the type of pest, ongoing maintenance and follow-up treatments may be necessary to ensure long-term control. Opting for regular service plans or maintenance contracts may incur additional costs but can help prevent future infestations.
  • Location: Factors such as the location of the property, local pest populations, and environmental conditions can also impact pest control charges. Areas with higher pest prevalence or unique environmental challenges may require more intensive treatments, resulting in higher costs.
  • Pest Control Company: Different pest control companies may have varying pricing structures, service offerings, and levels of expertise. While some companies may offer competitive rates, others may charge premium prices for specialized services or brand reputation.


It's essential to consider these factors when obtaining quotes from pest control companies in Ghaziabad to ensure that you receive accurate pricing estimates tailored to your specific situation and needs.

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Pest Control Services Near Ghaziabad

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