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SurfIndia is one of the most trusted and reliable online directories that have enlisted top pest control services in Delhi. They are committed to providing quality services at affordable prices. If your house or office is in Delhi and you are suffering from a pest attack, then we can help you get Pest control Delhi. These companies have trained and skilled staff that will terminate pests with all safety procedures, and they will make sure to find and destroy the root cause of the pests problem.

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Kriti Awasthi 15 January 2022

Top 10 Qualities of Good Pest Control Companies

With an increase in the population of pests like bugs, cockroaches, mice, termites, etc. across the globe, pest control has become an emerging business worldwide. There are thousands of pest control companies in the market but finding the best one is a tricky job.Deciding a criterion...

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Kriti Awasthi 22 May 2021

Checklist for Pest Control in Summer: Keep the Unwanted guests house out of House

Summer is all about happiness and sunny weather. The summer vacation brings not only fun but also many pests. We open the doors to our houses to bring the cool breeze into our homes in hot summer but with breeze comes mosquitoes...

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Kriti Awasthi 21 May 2021

5 Important Do’s & Don’ts for Pest Control & Management at Home!!

As per the research, approximately 700 million people get hospitalized because of the diseases caused by mosquitoes and termites. If the house is left unchecked with mosquitoes and pests, it will cause several harmful and severe health...

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Pest Control Services in Delhi

With SurfIndia, you are assured of getting a high standard of services and that too at competitive prices. The companies listed with us will surely be light on your pocket. They have a team of highly professional people who provide Pest Control Services in Delhi, and they will use the right equipment to terminate the pests. The capital of India has many companies in it, but with an increase in the number of scams, one will need the assurity of genuineness. Here at SurfIndia, the companies listed by us are dependable and authentic.

Household Pest Control Services in Delhi

While all types of pests are annoying, many of them are harmful to your property, belongings, or health as well. You need to hire the best Pest control in Delhi from SurfIndia as the place where you are living should be safe for you and your family.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Delhi

Having pests in the workplace is harmful to businesses as they not only destroy valuable furniture and other belongings they are also considered a serious violation of the law. This violation can result in a big fine. So before it's too late, hire the pest control company in Delhi and keep your business and employees safe.

Types of Pests

  • Termite Pest Control
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • Ant Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent/Mice/Rat Control
  • Spider Control
  • Locust Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Bee Hive Removal

Frequently Asked Question

Usually, it is advisable that after getting the pest treatment service, you need to vacate your house for about 2-4 hours. It also depends on the kinds of pest control services you are getting and sometimes staying away from the affected area may go up to 24 hours maximum.

Most of the service provider company gives you a warranty for the treatment they have provided to you. Warranty days may start from 30 days to 1 year, and it also depends on the service Provider Company and the kind of pest treatment.

As it is suggested by most pest control service providers that spring is the best season for pest control, as most of the pests get active in this season. In the winter season, the dangerous pest does not come out from their hideouts, and it becomes quite challenging to terminate them.

Many service providers use chemicals that are eco-friendly and do not harm humans and pets. But it is advisable to clear your doubts related to chemicals used by the company for the treatment.

Most of the pest control service providing agency recommends not cleaning the area soon, as it might reduce the chemicals' effectiveness. If you want the best and effective result, do not clean the area before 5-7 days.

Pest Control Services Near Delhi