Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bugs are tiny parasites that live inside your mattress, curtains, cushions, and other furniture. These tiny beings feed on human blood and leave their mark behind in the form of itchy rash. They are not only harmful to your physical well-being but also affect the mental health by giving you sleepless nights. SurfIndia has enlisted the best bed bugs control service provider to get rid of bed bug infestation and get you a good night’s sleep.

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About Bed Bugs Control

Do you wake up to unexplained rashes, pimples, and Boils; it can be a symptom of Bed bugs. These tiny insects live inside your mattress and only come out at night. They are feeding on your blood and leaving you not only itchy but also causing many sleepless nights. These bed bugs might seem small, but they are a serious problem. These parasites spread at the speed of light, and if you don’t try to control them, they will make their home in every piece of furniture of your home. To get rid of these irritating bed bugs, you need to hire professionals who deal with bed bug removals. We have enlisted many of these companies that do pest management at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Question

There are many traditional home remedies you can use to get rid of bedbugs in less period of time, and they are as follows:

  • Killing bedbugs manually: You can trap the bedbugs and squash them, and you may also capture them with sticky tape and remove them, which will help you reduce the number of bedbug.
  • Vacuuming helps you to capture the bed bugs quickly. Once you have used the vacuum, clean it properly to remove all the dead bedbugs.
  • Laundering is a good method to treat the infested items placed in the washing machine or dryer. Use high temperatures for washing and drying that the fabric can withstand.
  • Steaming the affected area is a very effective way to get rid of bedbug infestation if it is done properly. The commercial steamer can be used with a minimum capacity of 1 gallon, having a volume control option.
Yes, pillows are the best and potential habitat of bedbugs. It provides the necessary temperature to lay their eggs.
Yes, the team of researchers /scientists has found that coconut oil is a good bug repellent. Coconut oil is another option for mosquito bites.
The main cause of bed bugs is traveling. When you travel, bed bugs hitchhike on people, clothing, luggage, and personal belongings and get transported to another host.
No, you only have to figure out the main affected area and get it treated. You do not have to treat the entire house.