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Faridabad is one of the most peaceful cities in NCR. With this city of Haryana growing rapidly, many housing projects are flourishing here, and due to the close proximity of the city with Capital, many people are moving here to get a better education, job, and health services. But other than these three basic services, people will need other facilities as well, one of them being pest control services in Faridabad. These services are easy to find, but not all service providers are skilled and trustworthy. So, to solve this problem, SurfIndia has enlisted the best pest management service providers, who are reliable and experienced. Now, you can explore the list and hire the one that suits your need.

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Pest Control Services in Faridabad

SurfIndia is a portal where all the authentic, attested, and reputable service providers are enlisted. In the era where trust everyone can't be trusted, we struggle to find the service provider, which can be given entrance into our homes. Even if they find some who is trustworthy, they might still be lacking good skills and experience. To solve all these problems of customers, we have introduced SurfIndia in the market. Now, you can search pest control near me and find the tried-and-tested result at your fingertips. So, scope up the site to hire the best in the market.

Checklist to hire the Best Pest Control Company

Before hiring a company, there are many things one needs to consider as you don't want an unprofessional in your house with harmful chemicals. You are the customer, and the customer is the king, so being the king, you have every right to ask any question that arises in your mind and clear all your doubts. In case this is your first time using pest control in Faridabad, then based on these factors, one can choose the service provider.

1.Cost of services: Before hiring a company, take the quotations from different companies to make sure the company is quoting you competitive prices.

2.Pest control method: Ask them about the pest control method they will use in your and share your preference if you have any.

3.Number of years of experience: You should ask them about the number of experience they have in the industry and the number of jobs successfully completed by them.

4.Ratings and Reviews: Check the reviews given to the respective company by previous customers.

5.Tools and equipment used by them: You should ask about the tools and equipment they will use in the process.

6.Documentation: You have every right to check their documentation, that is, GST number or registration certificate, to make sure they are a genuine legal entity.

Pest Control Charges in Faridabad Price List

The exact quotation given to you will depend upon many factors but we have prepared a table to give you an average about Pest Control Charges in Faridabad.

Treatment Type 1 BHK Cost 2 BHK Cost 3 BHK Cost
General Pest Control
Rs 800 - 1200
Rs 1200 - 1500
Rs 1500 - 1800
Bedbug Control
Rs 1500 - 2000
Rs 2000 - 2500
Rs 2500 - 3000
Cockroach Control
Rs 500 - 800
Rs 800 - 1000
Rs 1000 - 1200
Rodents/Rats Control
Rs 500 - 800
Rs 800 - 1000
Rs 1000 - 1200
Ant Control
Rs 500 - 800
Rs 800 - 1000
Rs 1000 - 1200
Lizard Control
Rs 500 - 1000
Rs 1000 - 1300
Rs 1300 - 1600
Bird Netting
Rs 800 - 1200
Rs 1200 - 2000
Rs 2000 - 3000
Termite Control
Rs 5000 - 6000
Rs 6000 - 7000
Rs 7000 - 8000

Frequently Asked Question

There is a list of essential qualities you can check, like Trained Professionals, Inspections, Proper Plans, Chemicals, Execution, Guarantees, Quality Service, Service Warranty, Customer Support, Proper Guidance, Genuine Charges, etc.

There are some points below that need to be kept in mind. Kindly follow it:
  • Wash all the pet beddings in hot water or destroy them.
  • Vacuum the carpets to remove bugs.
  • Mopping hard-surface floors, including along walls and inside closets.
There are many factors that affect the prices of pest control. Few of those factors are:
  • The size of your house
  • Level of infestation
  • Type of method used
  • Number of treatments taken
There are many types of pests that exists in the environment like:
  • Termite
  • Rodents/Rats/Mice
  • Cockroach
  • Bedbugs
  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spider
  • Locusts
  • Beehive.

Pests are harmful to both your health and property as it carries many bacteria in its body and some pests like termite make their house in your walls and furniture, ultimately destroying it.

Pest Control Services Near Faridabad