Pest control in Hyderabad

SurfIndia is an online portal that has registered companies specializing in the pest control industry. You can examine the site and get the most desirable pest control service on your property. The companies enlisted provide treatment ranging from chemical treatment to gel or herbal remedy. The employees have licensed workers with excellent knowledge in the field. They are prompt at giving quick responses to the client’s issue. Many Hyderabad pest control companies are ready to eliminate all these nuisance creatures from your life at reasonable prices.

Pest control services in Hyderabad

Are you fed up with the pests around your house like cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, termites, or bed bugs? Are you not able to control their growth, and they are infesting again and again? SurfIndia can give a solution to your problems. It is an online portal that has listed a plethora of pest control service providing companies that will help you control any pest around you, be it a cockroach that makes your house dirty or a beg bug that spoils your sleep. The firms are government verified and use modernized equipment to enhance the quality of service. Get the best pest control service in Hyderabad with SurfIndia.

Harmful effects of the pests

Pests are the tiny creature that intrudes in our property be it our home, office or commercial building. You can find them in every crack and corner of the premises. It is crucial to control them as they can cause severe damage to our property. They are irritating and harmful to our health. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies can carry dangerous disease-causing organisms with them that cause diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, dengue fever, plague, and many more. Hence it is vital to keep our surroundings clean to keep the pests away. The termites and wood borer can damage your furniture and wooden items adversely if not treated on time. The bed bugs make your nights horrible and can also cause insomnia in the worst case. The cockroaches and flies can contaminate your edible items and utensils with deadly microbes. The rats and mice bite your stuff like clothes and books and carry diseases with them like the plague. So there is an urgency to deal with these pests before they become uncontrollable. SurfIndia is a platform where you can find a solution for all these issues. Get the enterprise that is most suitable for you at economical prices.

Household pest control

Home is the safest place where we relax in peace, but sometimes intruders like cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, etc., can interrupt your peaceful place and annoy you. It is no fun to have these unwanted guests in your house. Better to get a solution before it is too late to control them. Get the best companies that provide quality service in Hyderabad with just a few clicks at surfindia. They will deliver quality service at a reasonable price that you will not get anywhere else.

Commercial pest control

Commercial premises are the buildings used for businesses like shops, pharmacies, office buildings, healthcare sectors, schools, or universities. They are visited by many people every day. Pest problems in commercial premises can cause heavy loss to businesses, and hence it is essential to keep the buildings pest-free. The pest control charges in the commercial area may be more than household area as it is usually bigger than residential premises. The health of employees needs to be taken care of, and hence the removal of pests is essential. For commercial pest control in Hyderabad, you can check the best pest control company in surfindia and clean your commercial building.

Pest control cost in Hyderabad Price List

Here is a list that will help you with the pest control service charges on Hyderabad-

Type of pest 1 BHK Cost 2 BHK Cost 3 BHK Cost
Rs. 650 - 900
Rs. 900 - 1,000
Rs. 1,200 - 1,500
Bed Bugs
Rs. 600 - 800
Rs. 600 - 900
Rs. 800 - 1,200
Bee Hive Removal
Rs. 800 - 1,000
Rs. 1,000 - 1,400
Rs. 1,100 - 1,500
Rs. 400 - 600
Rs. 600 - 800
Rs. 1,600 - 1,900
Rs. 450 - 650
Rs. 700 - 900
Rs. 800 - 900
Rs. 650 - 850
Rs. 900 - 1,200
Rs. 1,000 - 1,500
Rs. 400 - 600
Rs. 600 - 800
Rs. 1,700 - 2,000

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