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Many well-known salons are generally over-budgeted because of their overheads like their retail space cost, and royalty paid to the Parent company etc. Chose your salon wisely in repect to that they are charging you for their best services not for just a big name. Usually ittakes two to three trials so that they can also understand your taste and what suits you. But picking the best and trusted Beauty Parlours in Pune can be a challenging task.SurfIndia is an online directory portal that has listed thousands of verified and skilled service providers on the site. All the listed service provider has got the best review from their customer and is well budgeted also. One more point to add on more extended waiting period or travel time to salon can frustrate you. So choose the best service provider that suits you most and falls under your budget.

Beauty Parlours Services in Pune

The skincare routine is the essential factor for obtaining fresh and healthy-looking skin. Your skin gets easily affected by a wide range of problems by following the modern lifestyle. Regular exposure to sunlight and pollutants cause your skin to lose texture and sheen. To keep your skin at its' healthiest, you should take facial periodically. Therefore, you have to hire a reputed professional from a beauty salon or spa to get a facial treatment. You have to visit the beauty salon once a month or every six months to maintain your appearance and pleasing look. At the time, we all are busy in our lives but sometimes give some time to yourself to pamper. Somewhere we need to relax from our busy schedule.SurfIndia is a site that has enlisted many service provider who promises you world-class Beauty Parlour Services in Pune. So, hurry up choose the best Beauty Parlour based on your needs and budget.

Benefits Of Facial Treatments

The term facial is considered the multi-step skin treatment engaged with cleansing, steam, a face massage, facemask, exfoliation, and a wide range of lotions and creams. Let see some of the benefits offered by the professional service provider:

Youthful and tight skin - That's how the beauty of skin is defined! And facial treatment is an excellent way to enhance the youthfulness and tightening of the skin. Facial treatments by massage promote blood circulation and relax facial muscles, offers you a young outlook.

Deep Pore Cleansing - Even after washing our face many times, this everyday routine fails to accomplish deep pore cleansing. With the help of skilled estheticians, you can quickly get an experience of deeper cleansing of the face skin.

Reduced wrinkles - The famous Thai people belief that aging should not reflect on a woman's face led to the discovery of specialized Thai facial treatments. In the procedure, the head meridians and acupuncture points are massaged, resulting in reduced wrinkles. And Thai facials are also known for stimulating the production of collagen and revitalizing the face.

Glow is good - If you are willing to have a pink and glowing face, then get a treatment that fits your skin type. If you use Gold or Royal facials, your skin will get ample moisture, and gold will help rebuild collagen for firmer skin while leaving you with a subtle shimmer.

Excellent treatment per your skin type - You can choose from a wide range of Thai facial treatments or customized facial packages to pamper your face. The beauty experts have been smitten with the Seven Pollen Facial Care, which uses the pollen of seven Thai flowers; the effective combination of all these succeeds in cleaning, balancing, repairing, moisturizing, and bringing a healthy glow your skin.

Beauty Parlour Cost in Pune

If you are interested in finding an average Beauty Parlour Cost in Pune, then you can check out from the table mentioned below:

Services Budget product treatment charges (Rupees) High end product charges(Rupees)
Facial treatment
500 - 1000
800 - 4000
500 - 3000
2000 - 10000
Arms and legs Waxing
500 - 1500
1000 - 3000
Nail care services
200 - 1000
800 - 2500
Body care
500 - 2000
1500 - 5000
Hair care services
300 - 5000
1000 - 15000

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