Beauty parlors in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a bustling city with a vast population. There is one or another occasion around every time, and people want to look adorable to catch the attention of others. Also, when you look pretty, you feel good, more confident & filled with positive energy. A beauty parlor will provide you beauty treatment that will enhance your personality. When you are spending your money on a beauty parlor, you should make sure it provides quality service to you. If you want a beauty parlor service in Ahmedabad, you can take the help of SurfIndia to get the perfect parlor for you. The listed firms are top-notch beauty parlors and ensure that you are satisfied with the service.

Beauty parlor services in Ahmedabad

Beauty is an essential aspect of current society. Your body needs proper care, and due to busy lifestyles, you cannot take care of your body properly. Here comes the role of the beauty parlor that will give you the proper treatment and care you need so that you look flawless. Professional treatment is way better than home remedies to take care of your body. The professionals will carefully examine your skin or hair type and then provide the most suitable treatment according to your body type. It will not be easy for you to understand your body's needs, and the remedies you use may not be desirable to your body type. So, choosing a reliable beauty parlor to enhance your beauty is the best way of grooming yourself.

Services offered by beauty parlors-

Beauty parlor offers different services, including the treatment for hair, face, nails, and body. Some parlors offer specific services, while some may provide all the services in hand. Several salons also provide home services.

Following are the services rendered by the beauty parlors-

1. Facial treatment- Various products are used for treating different needs of the customers like acne removal, moisturizing, whitening, eyelashes & eyebrows treatment, upper lips, etc.

Here are the list of most popular facial treatment services-

Basic facials Deluxe facials Moisturizing facials Acne treatment Bleaching Anti-aging treatment Eyelash extension Eyebrow shaping

2. Makeup - Beauty parlor also provides makeup service for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, performances, and parties. Everyone wants to look splendid on special occasions, and the perfect makeup will enhance your look.

Here are some trendy makeup services-

  • HD makeup
  • Matte makeup
  • Natural makeup
  • Mineral makeup
  • Shimmer makeup
  • Smokey makeup

3. Waxing- Removal of hair from hands, legs, underarms, or full body is called waxing. It makes your body look attractive and outshine your personality.

Here are some waxing services-

  • Soft wax
  • Chocolate wax
  • Aloe vera wax
  • Sugar wax

4. Nail care services- It will include nail cleaning, shaping, nail polishing, and many more.

Here are standard nail care services offered-

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Nail art
  • Nail design
  • UV gel extensions
  • Acrylic nail

5. Haircare services- Hair is necessary for the perfect and complete look; hence you need to keep them healthy.

The services offered for hair consist of regular hair care treatment and unique occasion styling.-

  • Haircuts & styling
  • Straightening
  • Color & highlights
  • Conditioning

6. Body care- These services are essential will make your body relaxed and stress-free.

Some of the body care services are following-

  • Detoxifying body mask
  • Hydrating body wraps
  • Back massage
  • Deep tissue massage

Beauty parlor charges in Ahmedabad

Here is the average charges of the various services offered in the parlors-

Services Budget product treatment charges (Rupees High end product charges(Rupees)
Facial treatment
300 - 400
500 - 4000
800 - 3000
2000 - 6000
150 - 500
400 - 1200
Nail care services
400 - 800
800 - 2500
Body care
500 - 900
900 - 5000
Hair care services
200 - 600
1000 - 8000

Frequently Asked Question

The essential services of the beauty parlor and beauty salon are the same: to provide cosmetics treatment, but there is a slight difference between them. A beauty salon usually has more variety of services as compared to a beauty parlor.

In a busy life, you cannot take care of your body correctly; hence a regular visit to the parlor will make your body flawless and keep it in proper shape.

Visiting beauty parlors on regular basis will have the following benefits-

a)Quality products- The parlor has experts who will examine your skin type and suggest the product that is suitable for your skin type.

b)Body care- The different kinds of services offered by parlors take care of your body, beautify your face, clean your nails, make your hair healthy, and release stress.

c)Professional help- The veterans in the beauty parlor will have better knowledge of the products and treatment required for your body and hence will give practical solutions for you.

d)Confidence booster- When you look flawless, you will feel positive and confident.

You can explore the site of SurfIndia and get the best hair salon nearby your location. It has the listing of reliable service providers in most Indian cities.

The following are the services offered in the salons-
  • a)Facial treatment
  • b)Makeup
  • c)Haircare service
  • d)Nail care
  • e)Waxing
  • f)Body care

Beauty Parlours Services Near Ahmedabad

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