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There are heavy laundry items that you cannot do at your home on your own. And someone, those items are rugs, carpets, and mattresses. But hiring a professional dry cleaner can make your work easy. If you live in Pune and face issues with dry cleaning and searching for a reliable and genuine dry cleaner in Pune, your search is over. Here on SurfIndia, you will get many honest and trustworthy companies that offer you the best and quality dry cleaner services in Pune. Choose the best to get an excellent dry cleaning experience.

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kriti Awasthi 03-January-2022

How To Maintain The Quality Of Garments at Home

It might be possible that you occasionally snag your jeans on something sharp or spill the tea on your favorite blouse; the most common reason you cannot keep clothes looking new is that you are washing them incorrectly.Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes without using water...

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Kriti Awasthi 29 May 2021

Important points you should consider before choosing a Best Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning is one of those work that we do without taking much stress, and we do it without thinking too much. But believe me, your clothes are the first thing that people notices about you, it makes your personality more attractive and..

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Kriti Awasthi 27 May 2021

How to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

With the pandemic of COVID-19 hitting the country for more than a year, the life of human beings has come to a halt. Services which made our lives easy (just like dry cleaner services) are more on a risky end as there is a great fear of getting infected by the contagious coronavirus...

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Dry Cleaners Services in Pune

Professional dry cleaners offer you all cleaning services like picking, washing, drying, pressing, folding, packing, and dropping at your place. A professional service provider has many years of service and knows the types of clothes. They wash your clothes as per their type and increase their lifespan. But getting honest and authentic Dry cleaners in Pune can be a challenging task for many.SurfIndia is a directory portal that has enlisted many service providers, which promises you to offer top-class service and pocket-friendly charges. You can choose the best laundry based on their rating and previous customer reviews.

9 Effective Laundering Suggestions for People with Skin Allergies

Due to covid-19 lockdown, many of us are doing household work like cooking, sweeping, washing dishes, and cleaning dirty clothes. We wish that we get the power to and finish all these household tasks with a snap, but this is impossible. The laundering process seems easy, like washing and drying the same under the Sun, but it can be tedious and challenging for someone with a skin allergy. Here are some practical laundering suggestions that might help you prevent yourself from itching and rashes:

1. Clean Your Equipment- When it comes to your washing device, it should be adequately washed because the washing machine is the source of bacteria and other harmful allergens. If the washing machine is not well maintained, then the chances are likely that your skin gets irritated. So, before using the machine, clean it.

2. Buy Right Products- Do not go buying those colorful labeled solutions that make your cloth fresh like a laundry service. And it might end up with some harsh, severe allergens, so read the label along with its ingredients.

3. Use a Proper detergent- One of the most general ways your skin gets rash marked and agitated is through the detergent powder. Even the best quality detergent has chemicals in it that can cause harm to your body. So, to protect your body from skin burn and itching, use hypoallergenic detergents.

4. Use the machine to dry your clothes- Drying your clothes in an open-air might attract new dust particles onto the surface of clothes. So, make sure that you go with a machine dry rather than an air-dry method.

5. Apply petroleum jelly and wear gloves- Another laundry tip for sensitive skin is to use petroleum jellies on your skin before washing clothes. And also, wear rubber gloves to avoid the contact of detergents, powder, or chemicals.

6. Always wash new clothes before wearing- It is advisable that never wear new clothes which you have bought directly from the shop. Otherwise, you will suffer from itchy eyes or skin rashes. So, it is essential to wash the new clothes before wearing them to remove harsh fitness.

7. Rinse at the correct temperature- Whenever you plan to wash your dirty clothes, use warm water instead of cold water. Warm water kills the bacterial component present on the fabric’s surface. But before cleaning the clothes, read the tag carefully.

8. Use the same precautions for the object that touches you- It might be possible that washing sheets, blankets, bath towels, kitchen towels, pillows, or even your teddy bear can irritate you, not only clothing. None want to experience this. So, use all the precautions you use while laundering the clothes to avoid skin burns and rashes.

9. Hire a Professional dry cleaners- Not having proper knowledge of the detergent can damage your clothes. If you wanted to get fresh and linen clothes, relax from all the troubles and hire a professional dry cleaning service provider. They will wash your clothes and increase their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Question

Dry-cleaning service providers use superior quality detergents and sanitizers to eliminate viruses. The dry-cleaning process uses high heat to dry the clothes, which kills most bacteria and viruses.

Here are some essential tips you must do to clean clothes during Covid-19:
  • Try to clean your dirty clothes after one use.
  • Try to wash your clothes with warm water instead of cold water.
  • Always use the best quality detergent powder/cakes.
  • Try dry cleaning once a week(check with label).
  • Proper sanitation should be done.

All the listed dry cleaners on SurfIndia are genuine and offer remarkable services. They do customize dry cleaning of your clothes. Your clothes are washed and handled with care. The listed team on the site uses smell-free and harmless chemicals.

The color of the garment gets changes because of the high temperature. Different clothes need different temperatures, and the listed service provider takes care of such measures when handling your clothes.

Starch is best and suitable only for pure cotton, kurta, sari, pants, trousers, skirt, and dupatta. Many of the service providers use starch to get the best result to clean the mentioned items.

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