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When you wear clean clothes, the body, mind works in a balance. And clean clothes boost your inner confidence. It also helps you to build a strong bond with your loved ones. But washing clothes might be a difficult task for some individuals. So, SurfIndia has listed many honest and experienced dry cleaners in Ghaziabad.SurfIndia is a directory portal that has made your work so easy. All the enlisted service providers are trustworthy and do remarkable work. They have successfully executed many projects and still serving their patrons.

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How to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

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Dry Cleaners Services in Ghaziabad

SurfIndia is a directory portal that has scouted and enlisted many service providers on the site. The service-providing companies are certified and promise you the best quality services. You can choose the top-class dry cleaner in Ghaziabad based on ratings and previous customer reviews. As we know that clean and ironed clothes improve your relationship with other people. Maintaining proper hygiene does not only affect you but also the people around you. The dry cleaners offer laundry, dry cleaning services to the customers. But many do not know what kind of clothes need to be dry cleaned. Check out the list of clothes that you should dry clean:

9 Types of clothes or fabric that you should always Dry clean

Dry-cleaning- an ultimate laundry recourse of the lazy or busy homemaker. Dry cleaning is also called the lifesaver of clothes. Otherwise, regular washing of clothes might destroy your garment. Some clothes need special care, and a unique washing method should be used. Otherwise, they would be in tatters. Here are some list of garments that needs to be dry cleaned:

1. Certain fabrics- Woolen clothes shrink if they are cleaned at home. Some delicate silk fibers, leather, suede, velvet, etc., can be damaged with improper washing at home. Knits clothes and open-weave fabrics may stretch out of shape with washing. Rayon also benefits from fry cleaning.

2. Very faded white clothes- White clothes, which get faded to a dull yellow, come out pristine white from the dry cleaner. A professional dry cleaner will use fresh solvents to clean, so those white colors remain white and even whiter.

3. Beaded clothes- Many of the expensive beaded sequined clothes are rough after a wash or two. The sequins fall off, and most of the stitching of these beads is very loose and fragile. And due to that, it needs special care; otherwise, it will come off in one wash.

4. Garments with ornamentation’s- Most of the clothes have embellishments like trims and shirring, which can come undone with washing. And shirring usually damaged with washing, especially in the washing machine. Extra fittings like ruching, smocking, fabric flowers can be easily damaged by washing.

5. Painted garments- Generally, paints from the garments come out after one o two harsh washing. So, it is advisable that go for dry cleaning to maintain the quality of clothes.

6. Spotted fabrics- Stains are inevitable on clothes, but if you treat the stains at home, on dark garments. It may result in fading area, which may look even worse than the original staining. It can be prevented by dry cleaning. Professionals know their work and use solvent on garments for the best result.

7. Home furnishing- Dry cleaning your clothes can provide an elegant look to home furnishings.

8. Expensive/Formal clothes- Suits, sports jackets, uniforms, etc., retain their crispness when dry cleaned. Bridal gowns, prom dresses, expensive clothes, etc., should be regularly dry cleaned.

9. Vintage clothes- Experts dry cleaners use their skills and knowledge to dry clean your vintage clothes. Washing these clothes at home may damage them, so you need to consult with the respective dry cleaners, and they will wash your clothes with advanced technology.

Frequently Asked Question

Professional cleaners remove perc from drycleaned clothes as part of the overall process. If you smell the perc, contact the respective service provider for re-cleaning.

There is also evidence from several studies of workers in the laundry and dry cleaning industry, a causal association between perc exposure and increased risks of certain types of cancer.

The difference between laundry and dry cleaning is water. Drycleaning of clothes needs no water. It uses some solvent like PERC, while laundering uses chemicals, soaps, detergents, and soap.

The extent of any health effects from perc exposure depends on the amount of perc and how long it lasts. People exposed to high levels of perc solvent may experience severe symptoms. Those include dizziness, fatigue, headaches, confusion, nausea, skin, lung, eye, and mucous membrane irritation.

Liquid solvents, detergents, and sometimes a small amount of water are added to the machines. The machines then agitate clothes like your own washing machine to remove dirt, oil, and stains.

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