Dry cleaners in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city of the hustle and bustle. The quality of living is high, and people have a hectic schedule. There is no time to maintain your clothes and closets, taking care of expensive clothes. In the chaos of life, dry cleaning is a beneficial and effective way to take care of your expensive and delicate clothes. If you live in Hyderabad and want a dry cleaning service, SurfIndia will help you get the most reliable dry cleaners in Hyderabad to get reliable and quality service in your area without any hassle.

Dry cleaner services in Hyderabad

Maintaining clothes is a hectic task and requires time and energy. If you have a tight schedule so you cannot take care of your garments, you can always contact SurfIndia to get the best dry cleaners nearby that are reliable. The firms enlisted are well known to give standard quality service. They are experienced in the field and understand the importance of customer satisfaction; hence work in a client-oriented manner.

Checklist for hiring dry cleaners in Hyderabad-

Getting a reliable and trustworthy dry cleaning service provider is a challenging task. The firm you choose should be genuine as you will put your hard-earned money on it. Also, your expensive clothes need to be taken care of by experienced hands so that there is no damage to them. SurfIndia is an online portal that has a listing of reliable and professional companies that has been in the service for many years. The team of proficient employees who have good knowledge of the fabrics and the methods used for cleaning them. So they will ensure proper cleaning. Some of the firms also provide doorstep delivery services. So it will save your time & money and keep your clothes in safe hands. Book the authentic dry cleaners nearby your area and get the service done with convenience.

Benefits of dry cleaning-

Dry cleaning has many benefits over conventional home washing.

Here are the advantages of dry cleaning over traditional cleaning methods

1. Dry cleaning preserves the beauty of garments- You would have noticed that continuous washing cause fading away of colors of the clothes. When you prefer dry cleaning, your garments will not get faded and look new after the service. In the long run, dry cleaning is more beneficial than washing as it does not harm the fabrics of delicate clothes.

2. Avoid shrinking- Cleaning with water several times will cause your clothing to shrink. To preserve your clothes, you can switch the option to dry cleaning. As water I not used in the process, there is no shrinking of the materials.

3. Washing the linens- Big linens like blankets, curtains, table-cover, and carpet are difficult to clean at home. Even if you try washing on your own, it’s pretty sure that you will not be able to remove the dirt altogether. People prefer to give these clothes for dry cleaning as it is a more convenient way of cleaning.

4. Stain removal- Some tough stains like oils, grease, ketchup, and dirt cannot be eliminated by the detergent no matter how hard you try. These stubborn stains can be removed easily by dry cleaning it so if you want to remove the stain, contact the dry cleaners and hand them the job.

5. Saves time & energy- In the busy schedule of your life with only a few holidays, you have to waste your free time cleaning the clothing. Save your precious time and book a plan for a dry cleaning service so that you can enjoy your weekends. Also, washing linens requires lots of energy and hard work, let the professionals do the job and use your time & energy for other productive work.

Dry cleaner charges in Hyderabad

This a list of the approximate charges of the dry cleaners in Hyderabad

Types of Clothes Ironing Washing Ironing & Washing Dry cleaning
Rs 5- Rs 15
Rs 15- Rs 30
Rs 20- Rs 40
Rs 120- Rs 200
Rs 10- Rs 20
Rs 25- Rs 50
Rs 40- Rs 60
Rs 200- Rs 300
Rs 50- Rs 150
Rs 150- Rs 250
Rs 20- Rs 45
Rs 100- Rs 300

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, dry cleaning will remove all the obstinate stains from your clothes.

Yes, you can give leather items for dry cleaning. It will remove all the stains and make your leather look new.

Dry cleaning normally takes three to four hours to clean the garment. It will also vary with the size and fabric you want to be cleaned.

For silk cloth, dry cleaning is the most suitable way to clean. As the fiber is very delicate, it should not be washed with a detergent or a washing machine. Many clothes shrink significantly if your wash them, so dry clean is the best option for them.

Dry Cleaners Services Near Hyderabad

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