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We all have become so busy with our lives that we have little time for our health, family, and friends. In such a case, the advantages of dry cleaning and dry cleaning seem alluring. For families with working mothers and senior citizens, washing and cleaning clothes can be tedious and challenging to manage. But hiring a professional dry cleaner in Delhi will help you sort all your washing issues. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has enlisted many service providers on the site. All the listed dry cleaners offer the best quality service and have many years of working experience.

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Dry Cleaners Services in Delhi

As Indians, we are used to trying home remedies to remove certain stains from our clothes, but some colors are so stubborn that it is almost impossible to get rid of them at home. Now, you need to contact professional dry cleaners to tackle all your clothing problems with ease. But getting a genuine and reliable agency that offers the best dry cleaners services in Delhi is not easy.SurfIndia has listed many honest and professional dry cleaners on the site. They have many years of serving experience and offer you the best services like picking, washing, dry cleaning, dropping at a reasonable price. So, filter out the top service provider from the list and get your work done smoothly.

Perks of hiring a Professional Dry Cleaners in Delhi

Gentler on Clothes: One of the significant advantages of dry cleaning services is that it is less abrasive on your garments as a comparison to simple home washing and drying. The delicate items that require extra care are always dealt with as per the professional and skilled service provider.

Super Convenient: Many professional service providers offer dry cleaning benefits to their consumers. From free booking, through apps, pick your garments from your location, and deliver clean, folded, and packed clothing in protective bags.

Perfect for stain Removal: Many stains are impossible to remove through essential home remedies and simple washing. So, here comes the need for professional service providers. They use special chemicals to remove all the stains from your garment and make them look good.

More attention to small details:

The professional service provider gives more attention to small details like clothes, washing methods to be used, ironing, folding, and packaging in protective bags. And after all these, they deliver your belonging to your doorstep with utmost care.

Handle big items: Professional dry cleaners handle your large items like rugs, carpets, comforters with utmost safety. And they deliver all these items with ease and without causing any damage.

Time saver: A professional dry cleaner saves your time and offers you plenty of extra time to spare with your family and friends. You need to book them online via phone, laptop and they will come to your place to pick the dirty clothes. Later, after the washing is done, they will deliver the clothes with an invoice of the bill.

Knowledge of fabrics and fashions:

It might be possible that you have knowledge about the types of clothes like wool, silk, and cotton, but what about angora, faille, acetate? Are you familiar with them? If your is answer is no, then do not worry. The professional dry cleaners are experienced and have extensive knowledge regarding the types of cloths, fabrics.

Odor removal: Some professional dry cleaners are proficient in odor removal, flood and fire restoration of water and damaged items. These pro dry cleaners use ozone generators to do an ozone treatment. The contact between ozone and the odors causes oxidation. And it eliminates the odors and releases oxygen, and this is a safe process.

Preservation: Many professional dry cleaners specialize in the preservation of wedding gowns and other family heirlooms. Preservation is a particular type of storage that helps prolong the life of a garment for many years. The cleaners often say that they are not just preserving their client’s garments. They are keeping a memory.

Expertise: From the latest fashions, fabrics to stain removal pro dry cleaners have the expertise to clean your clothes with the best results. They use advanced cleaning technologies to remove all the oils, grease, and dirt from your garments.

Additional services:

1. Before delivering the garments to you, quality cleaners inspect to make sure your order has met their own and your expectations.

2. The top laundry companies provide cleaning services with the advantage of free pickup and delivery service.

Frequently Asked Question

Dry cleaning does not mean your clothing tumbles around in a dry basket of air. The clothes are deep cleaned in a safe liquid solution popularly called PERC, and later the solution is extracted out.

We all may be exposed to perc because it is found in the air and drinking water nationwide. But we do not have to worry about it as the amounts are usually small enough. And they are not dangerous to the average person’s health.

No, professional cleaners remove perc from dry cleaned clothes as part of the overall cleaning process. One cannot tell by the odor alone whether all the perc has been removed from your clothes.

Properly trained professional service providers can now successfully wet clean most garments that are typically dry cleaned. Silks, wool sweaters, suedes, and leathers can be wet cleaned.

There are several new technologies on the horizon, but only two are commercially available at this time, and those are wet cleaning and a synthetic petroleum solvent process. The new petroleum solvent process has a reduced potential for fire hazards and is currently being used by some dry cleaners.

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