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Bigg Boss 11: Latest Gossips Happening inside the House

The show started off on 1st of October with a flood of gossips about the contestants much before they entered into the house of the big boss 11. The Bhabhi Ji Ghar par hai fame actress got face to face with one of the producers of the show Vikas Gupta. She had allegedly left the show Bhabhi ji ghar par hai on the grounds of facing mental harassment by the producer of the show. When she met one of the producers of her previous show on Bigg Boss 11 face to face, fights and badmouthing were evident. They fought persistently on the show and it was only the breaking down of Vikas Gupta which softened Shinde.

Bigg Boss Season 11

The Bigg 11 drama pouring in every day in its kitty has not been able to attract the audience to that extent to rank in the list of the most watched television shows. As per the report of BARC (Broadcast audience research Council), this TV show famous for the gossips created by its contestant had not been able to perform that better and has been ranked below the 20th spot. However, colors TV got ranked number 5 in the category of Hindi general entertainment. The channel itself airs big boss 11!

There have been so many gossips in the Bigg Boss house when almost a month has passed on the show. We also have seen many changes in the relationships that the contestants of Bigg Boss 11 shared in the initial days when the show had just begun. Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde who were best friends and would stand against everyone else are now seen fighting on various occasions inside the house. Akash Dadlani now writes songs hitting at his fellow contestants, who once used to rap jovial songs. While some contestants like Hiten Tejwani chose to deal with it all diplomatically, others like Mahjabi Siddiqui and Sapna Choudhary are often seen losing their cool. But, all the drama has failed to make TRP for the show.

Gossips in Bigg Boss House

In the latest episode the offensive behavior of Hina Khan came to the limelight with flood of reactions from Twitter users and many other TV personalities since she started off the journey in the house of Big Boss 11.There is too much to talk about Hina Kahn, the former loved bahu Akshara from “Ye rishta kya kehlata hai”. While she entered the house with the motto of promoting girl power but gradually she ended up fighting with most of the fellow contestants. Some of the contestants stood by her side while many of them spoke against the harsh behavior of Hina Khan.

She sought the apology of her family for letting them hear so much bad against her and she expressed everything inside her heart that stole the limelight. She broke down on the national television that may also have disturbed her parents. But that’s how the show has been designed to taste the patience level of the contestants in various circumstances of life. she had been receiving mixed reviews on whatever she had to say!! Seems the game and the drama is going to continue……..