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Beware Folks....Air Pollution in Delhi may Persist Longer!!

Air quality index of the city has already gone high as much as 451 and surprisingly the maximum level is 500.
The doctors have already declared that walking in the present air of Delhi is not less than smoking 50 cigarettes a day!!

Schools have already been closed and the Deputy Minister of Delhi, Mr.Sisodia has urged people to avoid going out of their houses to protect themselves from the adverse levels of the high rise in the level of pollution in the country’s capital.

Smog In Delhi

The city woke up with a morning full of smog all around! This increased level of pollution in the city has become the talk of the town. Whereas people are perplexed on what measures to take to fight it out, Government has already taking measures in fighting it out.

Here’s a sneak peek into the rising level of air pollution, its effects and the measures that can be taken....

What Smog actually is?

The combined complex mixture of fog and smoke is actually smog. Various pollutants like dust particles and nitrogen oxide combine together, and when they come in contact with the Sunlight, ground level ozone is formed. This results in the formation of a haze that we feel around in the atmosphere.

What are the Causes this dangerous Smoggy air?
  • - Industrial activities.
  • - Vehicular traffic
  • - Open Burning
  • - Incinerators
  • - Geography of a place
  • - Higher temperature

Smog In Delhi

What are the Adverse Effects of the Smoggy Air?
Here’s how this cruel condition of air in Delhi can affect people.......

  • - Chest infections/Irritation/Coughing
  • - Lung Infection (Longer time exposure)
  • - Asthma/bronchitis/emphysema
  • - Eye irritation and Cold
  • - Premature mortality
  • - Crops can be damaged

Note: One point is noteworthy here that, the smog is caused in the area which is too far from the place where the pollution source actually exists. And, that is because of the fact that, smog is formed only when the sir has drifted away the harmful particles.

Who need to be extra careful?
  • - Children
  • - Those who have to spend most of their time outside
  • - People affected by respiratory disorders

How you can fight it out?

  • - Always get a whiff of the weather before venturing out from home.
  • - Don’t continue with the ride, if there is warning about fog in the city.
  • - Slow down, your ride when there is fog
  • - Avoid going out and try to keep yourself inside the home as much as you can
  • - Use exhaust systems in your home and offices (Sometimes the pollution level air inside can be more than that of outside)
  • - Also, people can use the Ayurvedic hacks to fight this level of air pollution that is because of the ground level ozone.
  • - Keep, the mirrors and windows of the vehicle clean and also use wipers and defrosters so that you can maximise the vision.
  • - Take more of Vitamin C, Omega fatty acids, Tulsi, ginger, and lemon in your food.
  • - Also, take magnesium rich diet like cashews.
  • - Omega 3 fatty acid, you can take walnuts (Akharot).
  • - These food items will help you minimise the effect of the air pollution that is prevalent in the air.

  • - While driving, when you see fog, avoid speeding up.
  • - Never speed up to pass through a vehicle which is moving slowly.
  • - Avoid going out often.