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Arms Recovered at Dera Sacha Sauda HQ......What Else we Need to believe the Game that Baba Ram Rahim had Played!!

Arms Recovered at Dera Sacha Sauda HQ

And, if we do not act mindfully at this point in time when everything is crystal clear on who to believe; you’re inner power or the so called “Baba”, then it’s useless for the people to shout at the Government on every trivial issue. As per the latest developments in the case of Baba Ram Rahim, who was the Godman for many Indians, the Haryan police have found some really objectionable items at the Dera HQ. And, that could not have been expected from a “Messanger of God”.

As per the recent news, the Haryana police have recovered a large number of Ultra-modern arms while investigating through the Head-quarters of Dera Sacha Sauda which is located in Sirsa. The exact count suggests that as many as 33 licensed weapons that, is inclusive of many rifles, 9-mm pistols and modified carbine have been discovered. The news has been confirmed by the Sirsa Sardar SHO, who also added that after the conviction of Baba Ram Rahim, the next target was to keep an eye on all types of arms and ammunition from the followers of Dera.

It has already been established that almost all the followers of Baba Rama Rahim have possession of weapons. As of now, only 33 weapons out of the 67 have been recovered from the people living in Dera. A notice has already been circulated that those who will be found possessing weapons at Dera will be given strict punishment.

As per another news, one of a staunch followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, Ravindra, who belonged to UP’s Sarsawa commited suicide at the Ambala jail of Haryana by hanging himself. Just after the verdict of the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, Gurmeet Ram Rahim on 25th August in the Rape case, Ravindra was arrested in Panchakula.

The CBI has convicted Dera Chief on 25th of August 2017 in the Panchakula. Following the conviction a slew of protest started by the followers of the Dera Sacha Sauda in Haryana and the neighbouring states, which has further resulted in the loss of around 38 lives and as many as 250 people were injured. Post the Ram Rahim verdict many followers of the Dera have been arrested for creating unrest in the country. On 28th of August, Gurmeet Ram Rahim was awarded with 20 years of Jail in connection with two rape cases.

In relation to the case, the Police recently have also arrested Duni Chand, the key accused responsible for triggering violence in the country after the conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. He had been nabbed in Sangrur near Gujjran village. In connection with the ruckus caused in the country, he had revealed that, “Youth Brigade”, an eight member team has been formed by the followers to trigger violence in Punjab, if the judgement comes out to be against the Dera Chief.

Duni Chand had further revealed that, one of the close connect of the Dera, Rakesh Kumar, had formed this eight member group called “youth brigade” known as “A –team”. It aimed at causing violence in the state of Punjab. The eight members of the team identified were – Duni Chnad who belonged to Sherpur in Sangrur, Balwinder Singh who belong to Bhatinda, Major Singh who belong to Mansa, Gurdas Singh of Bhatinda, Gurdev Singh of Bhatinda, Prithi Chand who belong to Baghapurana, Gurjit Singh of Moga and Mahinderpal Singh of Kotkapura. And, Ravi Kumar has been identified as the head of the group.

The first meeting of the team was held on 17th August in Sirsa, Haryana which decided to make damage to the properties of the Government if the verdict comes out to be against the Dera chief. He further revealed that, the team was divided into group of two that updated each other on the developments in the case over the phone.

Another meeting of the group was held on 20th of August in Sirsa and it decided to mobilise more and more people in Panchakula to create ruckus on large scale. Further on 23rd & 24th August another two meetings were held so as to trigger more and more bloodshed in Punjab. Duni Chand is alleged to have undergrounded himself when he came to know that the Police are looking for him. During his hide, he was living in Budhlada, Chandigarh, Barnala and Jawalaji from 26th of August to 3rd September.

The Self-Styled Baba had requested the Jail authorities to let him meet these 10 people:
Dera chief Gurmeeet Ram Rahim has given the jail authorities a list of 10 people that he want to meet during his 20 years jail term. The list was topped by his adopted daughter Honeypreeet Insan. The complete list includes:

Honeypreet - adopted daughter
Jasmeet Insaan - son
Charanpreet - daughter
Amarpreet - daughter
Shaan-e-Meet - son-in-law
Ruh-e-Meet - son-in-law
Jagjeet Singh - committee member
PRN - ex-manager
Dharm Singh - close worker
Gobhi Ram - close worker