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Anna Hazare Hunger Strike: A Sneak Peek into the Day-wise Developments

7th Day Strike Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare, India’s well known social activist with his fresh team of protestors, began on 23rd of March 2018, an indefinite hunger strike at the Ramlila ground. Here is a complete day-wise development in his protest against the Government in center, for not coming forward with a concrete set of plans in helping farmers fight the menace they are going through, and the appointment of the Lokyukta.

On Day Seven (29th March) Anna ended his hunger strike, which he had started on 23rd of March 2018!!

On the 7th day Anna Hazare ends his hunger strike after getting assurance from the Devendra Fadnavis, the incumbent chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Government at centre is said to have conceded to the demands of Anna related to the appointment of Lokpal and with regards to the deteriorating condition of farmers in India...Read More

29th March 2018: 6th Day of the Anna Hazare Hunger Strike

Anna’s hunger strike, aimed particularly at bettering the deteriorating condition of farmers in India and for the comprehensive implementation of the Lokpal bill, started on 23rd of March. Today is the 7th day of the strike and Anna’s health is deteriorating every day; doctors reported that he had lost 5.5 kg weight on the 7th day of the strike and he has.. Read More

27th March 2018: Day Four of the Anna Hazare Hunger Strike

Anna Hazare hunger strike has entered its fourth day!!

The social activist and campaigner Anna Hazare put forth the Government, certain demand, and went on a hunger strike stating that he will continue with the fast until his demands are fulfilled. Read More

26th March 2018: Day three of the Anna Hazare Hunger Strike

According to some aide Anna has believed to have lost around 3 kg weight.

The 2011 protest of Anna has led to passing the Lokpal bill but the centre had yet not been successful in making appoints of Lokpal and Lokayukta. On third day of the hunger strike Anna’s aid said that... Read More

25th March 2018: Day two of the Anna Hazare Hunger Strike

The strike continued even after the deteriorating health condition of the Anna Hazare. Doctors have advised him to speak less and his Blood Pressure is not keeping in the normal range, Anna is...Read More

24rd March 2018: Day one of the Anna Hazare Hunger Strike

On 23rd of March 2018 Anna Hazare, India’s eminent social activist began an indefinite hunger strike on the Ramlila ground. This is Anna’s first hunger strike under the BJP Government. The 80 year... Read More