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7th Day Developments: Anna Ends his Hunger Strike

7th Day Strike Anna Hazare

On Day Seven (29th March) Anna ended his hunger strike, which he had started on 23rd of March 2018!!

On the 7th day Anna Hazare ends his hunger strike after getting assurance from the Devendra Fadnavis, the incumbent chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Government at centre is said to have conceded to the demands of Anna related to the appointment of Lokpal and with regards to the deteriorating condition of farmers in India.

The central Government had promised to act on the demands as made by the social activist Anna Hazare. The strike ended only after Anna held a talk with Devendra Fadnavis and Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, the minister of state for Agriculture.

Promises made by the Government

  • here will increase in the Minimum Support Price to 1.5 times of the actual expenses made by the farmers on their produce.
  • Soon action will be taken on the Appointment of Lokpal.

Anna said that, “I will wait for six months. If the government fails to act, then we'll start this protest again”. He further added that it is the obligation of the Government to take action on the promises as being made now, as soon as possible, "It's government's duty to work towards the welfare of the public and the country. There should be no chance of such a movement," he said.

Anna who started his indefinite hunger strike on 23rd of March 2018 is determined to get his demands fulfilled. He has put forth the demand to appoint Lokpal in the centre and Lokayukta in the states and also improving the condition of farmers in the country. This was his second hunger strike; previously he sat on a similar one seven years ago in 2011 which was ant-graft movement, supported by many prominent names like Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Kumar Vishwas.

Conceding on the demands of Anna, Girish Mahajan, Maharashtra minister said that,” 7 to 8 of the 11 main demands put forth by Hazare were agreed upon”.