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Ahmedabad is a city of lively people who are always enthusiastic. If you live in Ahmedabad and are on the hunt for the best interior designer to make your home look splendid.SurfIndia will help you get the best interior designer in Ahmedabad. It has a catalog of the best service providers in your area that are well-known and reliable so that you can book them sitting at the comfort of your home. The listed firms are experienced and ensure the complete satisfaction of the customers by giving innovative ways to decorate their premises. So stop searching around and just hire a professional designer with SurfIndia.

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Interior Designers services in Ahmedabad

Everyone wants to make their house look attractive. A lovely home boosts confidence and makes you feel more comfortable. If you're going to make your premise look stunning to match your standards. In that case, hiring a professional interior designer is the best idea to renovate your house at an affordable price. These skilled people will help you set your floor, wallpaper, lighting, sofa set, furniture, kitchen & bathroom interior, wardrobe so as everything is completely matching and looks perfect. If you want an interior designer service in Ahmedabad, you can explore SurfIndia and get the most suitable service provider of your choice.

Things to decide before you hire an interior design service in Ahmedabad

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind before selecting an interior designer-

1. Budget- You have first to decide whether you have a sufficient budget for the task. If yes, how much do you want to allocate to a particular commodity, counting lighting, wallpaper, furniture, decorative, sofa set, etc.? Allocate the budget according to your space structure and look.

2. Changes you want- If you are planning to renovate your premise, you would have thought about what are the things you want to change and what is okay. If you wish to change the whole look or some things would be as it is. The budget will also depend on the changes you want.

3. Timeline-You would have decided on a timeline for completing the set-up. If not, you should decide before starting to work on it. What is the purpose of changing the space? Is it an event you are organizing or any gathering you are planning? If it is so, you should design the decoration way before the event comes.

4. The looks of the premise-What kind of look are you expecting from the after-the-design? Is it traditional or classy, contemporary look or mid-century modern style? You can search for different types of styles, or you can take suggestions from the professionals.

5. Amenities you want to change-Have you thought about which accessories you should change and what you would like to add to the look of the room. You should clear your thoughts on this before proceeding to hire a professional. You can recommend the accessories and furnishings you want to add to the look of the room.

6. Space organization and storage-You should decide what you want to adjust in the space and how much space you want. Take ideas from Google or magazines so that you already have an idea about them.

7. Special requirements-If there is a particular need you would like to add, have a brief idea about the requirements.

8. Charges-You should have a brief idea about the approximate costs of the interior designer in your area so that you can negotiate the expenses and don't pay the extra costs.

Interior Designers in Ahmedabad

Get the ideas of the interior designing charges in Ahmedabad-

1 BHK (Rs.) 2 BHK (Rs.) 3/4 BHK (Rs.) Office (Rs.)
On the basis of per Sqft
10 - 30
20 - 50
70 - 140
60 - 120
Percentage of cost
6% - 12%
8% - 15%
12% - 16%
6% - 14%
Lump Sum amount
10,000 - 40,0000
40,000 - 60,000
70,000 - 1,40,000
60,000 - 1,60,000

Frequently Asked Question

The services offered by the interior designers are following-

i. Floor plans

ii. Space planning

iii. Wardrobe design

iv. Bedroom design

v. Kitchen design

vi. Lighting design

vii. Home office design

viii. Custom furniture

ix. Home staging

x. Renovation and remodeling

xi. Bathroom design

The time will depend on the various factors like the size and style of the room, the design you want, the designing process used, and the complexity of the design.

The cost of 1 BHK interior designing in Ahmedabad can be around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000.

The elements of interior design are as follow-
  • Space
  • Light
  • Line
  • Form
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Pattern

You can explore the site of SurfIndia to get the most desirable interior designers in your city at an affordable price.

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